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dropped front

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hi, ive seen either a corvette cr6 or a viper with a nose that slopes right down to the air splitter, i cant think of the manufacturer, any help guys. john.
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Like this?

Don't all car fronts slope down until they get to the air splitter?
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Sorry, I don't know what an Imp slope looks like..?

Not much slope on the front of this one.

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Sorry you've had a sense of humour bypass operation John, I wasn't really being sarcastic actually.
I was trying to help with my first reply, in my second reply I explained that I don't know what an IMP slope is, I still don't because you couldn't be bothered to explain.
The picture of the Imp may not have helped much but it's the only sort of Imp I know about.

At least I'll know not to bother next time.

Just realised it didn't say Imp it was supposed to be LMP.!! Whatever.
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No John it wasn't, but if it makes you happy you can take it as one. Let's not get off to a bad start, decided "stupid questions..etc" was uncalled for so removed it within 10 seconds of posting it - you did well to see it at all.

I honestly though lmp said Imp hence the picture of the Imp (lmp).
What happened to...
QUOTE (stoner @ 5 Jun 2011, 18:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>thats my last word on the subject. john...?

All the best....
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