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Hi - I have just installed the DS-300 (4 lane) lap counter on my routed track, no problem including it in the track and using gubbins from light bridge to make my own one more in keeping with the track, but... have a couple of questions on setting up the DS_300. (I don't have the stop - go box)

1 - I am starting the cars from behind the sensor (start line is under the sensor) which means the first time they pass the sensor it's counted as a lap (can the lap counter be set to -1)

2 - Can you see 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th places ?

3 - Can you see the total race time for each car.

I'm using P-La mode

Sorry for all the questions but I'm going mad trying to understand the manual.

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1. The counter doesn't show laps completed but the lap you are on, hence the 1 as soon as you cross the start line.

2. Don't think that is a possibility.

3. If you press "chronos" you will get fastest lap of the race for each lane displayed and if you press "laps/time" you will get total race time for each lane.

While we've got a DS300 enquiry thread going - does anyone know a way of randomising the number of beeps on the start sequence from the standard 17 beeps?
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