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DS 5001 lap counter

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Has anyone heard any news about the DS 5001 lap counter/stop and go/controller box that they announced at the 2011 Nürnberg fair? I was very tempted at the time and has since then postponed my purchase of a DS 200 in order to get a DS 5001. But it never seems to get into the shops. Will it ever get there? Does anyone have a shread of info about it?

For those that can´t recall what I am babbling about check out this thread.

DS Nürnberg 2011
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I haven´t seen any information about the 5001 in the reports from Nürnberg or in the official press releases from IBB. Did anyone who visited the fair this year hear anything about it?
Can one hope they will show it in Nürnberg next week? Anyone got some news about it?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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