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DS 5001 lap counter

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Has anyone heard any news about the DS 5001 lap counter/stop and go/controller box that they announced at the 2011 Nürnberg fair? I was very tempted at the time and has since then postponed my purchase of a DS 200 in order to get a DS 5001. But it never seems to get into the shops. Will it ever get there? Does anyone have a shread of info about it?

For those that can´t recall what I am babbling about check out this thread.

DS Nürnberg 2011
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The manufacturers ( IBB in barcelona and Germany and China ) are keeping quiet. They did change the spec on the sensors by reverting to the emitters being placed in the bridge as opposed to the track. I am waiting to hear what the intend to do in the future. Suggest you ask you slot supplier. Who do you buy from?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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