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DS Electronic Racing Products TOY FAIR REPORT

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The DS range is vast and covers 9 main sections of Slotcar control/etc;
Professional Lap Counters, DS Software, Speed Car Control (1;1 real cars), Checking tools, Controllers and connection plugs, power supply, track sensors, track control boxes and accesories.

A range of their products were on display including a couple of new items;

DS-5001 PRO Prototype.

Announched last year in concept, now the prototype has been made and DS hope to begin deliveries this year. The lap counting/timing system combines a number of items into one box/unit. Stop/Go, Controller plugs, timing and lap counting. Designed for a two lane system the unit will be packed with the new universal infrared lightbridge. The unit feature USB conections for hook up to laptops and PC's etc supplied with a demo version of WINSLOT software. Expected RRP to be in the region of 150 Euros for both items as a set (TBC).

New adjustable lightbridge with spacers for smaller trakc widths.

Rear of DS-5001 PRO Prototype.

Also on display;

DS Testing Bench DS-4101
Tests, weight balance, RPM, Magnet Gauss, magnet traction, Torque, Volts and Amps. Running in motors, PC connection, 24V 8 Amp power supply unit included all in a nice aluminium flight case!

DS normally put a PDF version of their catalogue on their web site shortly after the show, (last years is still up and does contain a fair ammount on info).
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There are alot of outputs on the back of this unit. I wonder if you are going to be able to dasiy chain these to do more than 2 lanes, all be it with a computer to do the lap counting.
Looks like this has a HDMI port, a modem socket and an ethernet socket and also a Micro USB socket, very promising.
Wow, looks like a seriouse bit of kit. Any idea on price?

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