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Firstly you need to make sure you setup pc Lapcounter under the options, detection. Set as ds300 and then press go on the ds300.

Also leave the ds300 in the mode 9999 laps and just leave it like this.

You should get the ds300 tab at the bottom of your screen showing its connected.

Then go to drivers and add all drivers on to database.

Then start new race, put in your race time ie if you want 3 min races setup the segment time to 3 mins. Then press generate, this will take your to the drivers page. Select the drivers at the top of page that are going to race.

Then down below select racers race on all lanes and then click generate. This will then show on the right side the order of races.
Then click ok to return to setup race screen. Then you can click practice for a practice race or championship if you want to record the results etc.

You can also setup your own championship, track etc.

That's it really
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