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DSCF Volvo S60 – First outing.

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DSCF - stands for "Deutsches SlotCar-Forum" - A large and busy forum with a long history.
They have a habit of producing a special car for their members every year, with this years offering taking the shape of the Volvo S60 in a choice of two liveries from these races….

24hr Nürburgring 2002

BFGoodrich Langstreckenmeisterschaft VLN Nürburgring Nordschleife

An unusual car, with growing race pedigree and a welcome addition to any stable

Sitting on a Ninco BMW chassis, with Ninco Mercedes DTM wheels and a custom interior, the car looks good on the track even unpainted.

The height and scale dimensions are correct, as is the 'far back in the cab' position of the driver. The resin shell needs little trimming and is crisp and clean.

When running it is noticeable very early on that with everything tightened down to match the BMW M3 body designed for the chassis, the Volvo is top heavy due to the resin construction.
After a quick trip into the pits and some playing with the screws to give play in the body, we placed it on the track again.

Now it is getting there, smooth into the corners and matching the BMW in performance. It is clear that this car needs basic tuning skills but then anyone buying the kit will be into building and tuning anyway and the chassis it sits on is a well proved, solid option.

The kit is available painted or unpainted, it comes complete with decals, photo etched parts and everything required, parts wise, to get it running on a track.

Ordering details can be found here


It is in German but our own 'thomas' will, I am sure, be willing to help you should you require it.

I look forward to mine arriving and to finishing and preparing it for the track.
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...nice report - if you've the time to drop in tonight, I'll show you the etched pars, the cage, mirrors ans others. Need time to finish the first car

About assistance for ordering this car - no problem - there are orders from all over the world...
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Worth pointing out in advance of the rush of Orders - it is a Rule you agree to when ordering, that you can't sell the car immediately on sites like Ebay.
These cars are made for entheusiasts, by entheusiasts. They are not made simply so people can try to make a fast buck.

Thomas I will try and get over with my trusty camera, will phone first. should not sell it immediately on e-bay - but as it can't be prevented, the only protection is that sellers won't get any further DSCF-cars - so if someone is looking for the quick buck he can do it - once

I've refused 34 orders from people which have sold the first DSCF-car - for 270 to 562€ - on ebay. They are angry about me now - but I'm not willing to invest my money for the community and others make money out of it. This is a non-profit project - as always with DSCF-cars - and I'm happy to get my investments back one day - so please understand this policy.
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I have placed my pre-order for the Volvo.I live in the USA.How do I make payment?

email: [email protected]
Iceman, I've payed yours and we will redeal with decals as mentioned in my mail to you. Should be the easiest way I think

Have seen samples of your work at Allan's home - GREAT!!!
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Sounds great!!!Let me know when you need my shipping address,and also when you need some decals.

Thanks again Thomas,

Ice, the production is running - just some more days and the first cars are delivered! Hope, we've no further problems - fixed a lot till we reached the stage of production...
I'll announce it here when we're ready for shipping the cars - and I'll mail you which kind of decals I need - maybe some from the ETCC for other liveries of the Volvo.

Great looking project, nice to see a bit of variety in the slot car world - makes a difference from loads of BMW/Mercedes. Just a few questions (sorry if they have been asked already): How much is the cost of the kit (in unpainted form)? Does it come with everything to build it (e.g chassis, motor etc.)? And how much would shipping to the UK be?

no problems - I'm here in teh forum to answer questions.
The kit is complete - resine body and spoiler, vac formed windows, resine full insert, photo etched gas caps, grill and whipers - including spares if lost whilst racing, complete running Ninco-anglewinder-chassis with NC2 and wheels, roll-cage, mirrors out of white metal, full Ninco driver, 8-colour screen printed decals - everything you need to build a running slotcar except glue and paint. A CD whith further instructions, pictures and information about this specific car will be added to the kit, the first 20 who ordered this kit will get a A0-poster of the car signed by all the drivers in addition as a gift.
unpainted kit is 80€ plus shipping
painted kit - silver painting only, no decals - is 95€ plus shipping.
Shipping costs to UK have to be verified - should be around 10€ incl. packing.
If you're placing an order there is a downpayment of 40€ to prevent that there are dummy-orders and I've to run after the money - happened with DSCF-cars before.
More information is available here - but it's in German only. Use Google / Altavista for tanslation - for specific words leo is an excellent help.

..order one and have fun!
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Look at the internal detail on that kit! now that is going to take SOME building!

Did I qualify for a poster? will look good on the wall of the track shop!

PS: apologies for not phoning last night, hectic times again with a work call out and a bloody hole in my exhaust manifold to get sorted.

It should be a Warranty job hopefully because the list price here for that manifold is 2563.00 Swiss francs!!!!!
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Just a sample picture how the real car looks - and what kind of information is supplied with the kit.
Sorry, you did not qualify for a poster - but I'll look what's possible - as I know these guys and will meet them from time to time it should be possible. Any special wishes for a custom devotement?

No excuse for not phoning - I just sat in front of the phone the whole night, waiting for your call

About your exhaust manifold - you're talking about your car I hope
- with such a low mileage it should not happen - passed 160k last week and still no problem with my Mitsi
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Thanks for the info, I hate to be a pain but where do I pay the €40 deposit? Can it be paid via credit card (using something like PayPal)?

you're not a pain. First of all you should place an order on teh mentioned DSCF-Volvo-page - got to Modell => Bestellung.
Fill out all teh datas - name, adress etc. and add your e-mail-adress after mentioning if you want to get a painted (lackiert) or unpainted (unlackiert) model. Then you'll recieve a mail out of an automated process with further instructions. You might pay via bank-transfer -it's easy, all account information is placed on the orde page and repeated in the mail. If you have really NO chance to do that - and that's the fact for US-habitants - then we'll do sometithing special. But for UK it's working as described - and the cost for money transfer ist not extraordinary high.
Hope, this helped a little... otherwise, just ask more - as far as my language knowledge leads I'll try to help...
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Thanks Thomas,

Have filled out the form on the website and am awaiting the confirmation email - thanks for all your help.

Mark problem Mark,
best will be, that Swiss is publishing an english how-to-build-a-DSCF-Volvo tutorial here in Slotforum. as he lives just 5 Minutes away from me and he's an experienced builder this should not be a problem for him

Confirmation should be on the way.....
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