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Dusty Hill Raceway Pit Building

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Dusty Hill Raceway Is my track that comes out for a bot 6 months every year and takes over the dining room floor because i have no were to build a permanent layout in my house.

I finally decided to make a pit building that wasn't just two shoeboxes with square holes cut in them and painted grey after my racing buddy basically said, that pit lane is carp! He can talk...

The frame is made of balsa wood (best stuff ever!) covered with thin card from the back of note pads (I am only funded by £14.00 a month) but anyway i think it is coming on from there:

Then I decided to slap on the paint and get some posters put up on the outside and inside of the pit building!

In the Ferrari Garage there is a lovely Italian lady, In the Renault Garage there is a beautiful French girl, In the Williams Garage, a Nice German woman and there are no prizes for guessing who is in the Jordan Garage (couldn't resist that one)

See pictures:

I hope you guys like it. As it said in the title this will never be finished because there is always something to be added to any slot layout or something to be taken away.

Unfortunately the raceway has been taken up from on the floor due to Christmas coming round, but, it will be back down after Christmas to try out all the new toys!!

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That is a very nice looking garage, especially considering the materials used. I am also impressed on your building tecniques. Being a building contractor myself, I can appreciate how much the framing looks like an actual job aside from the spacing. What did you use for the doors? They look like great.

Very innovative
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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