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Recently I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Sebastiaan Scholten from Holland.

He has been running one of my Williams FW07 chassis in a national Policar championships with a good degree of sucess.

I thought i'd share some of his comments below and in time I aim on using his feedback to modify the chassis.

He begins.....

"A while back i've purchased a williams fw07 chassis in your shop. I've wanted to make the car competative for racing in our open dutch classic f1 class. And boy, did it work! This little slotcar has never left my slotcar box since the day ive built it using your wonderfull chassis!

The race for the title was held at slotracing2go in Witmarsum, the Netherlands. Its 4 lane ninco track, quite fast, but also a bit bumpy.

My local track is 4 lane Carrera, very smooth and perfect for the stiff front end in this car, one of the fastest cars to have been set on our track actually.

When race day came around, with a little tuning of the motor mount screws, it became apparent the car was very competative on ninco as well.

After a tough 3 races, i've managed to come in at a very respectable 3rd place! And this is in national competition!"

He then goes on to provide some good feedback.....

"During this years compwtition it became apperant the chassis has tendency to bounce out of the track coming in to a turn on a bumpy track like this. If the chassis was a bit more flexible in the front end, and the front axle had a little more vertical movement, it will perform even better on these bumpy tracks."

Getting further into the detail he has clear ideas about what he would like to see modified on the chassis....

"If you could enlarge the front axle holes, make them more "oval" shaped, the axle adjustment would be much easier.

On the bottom side of the chassis there are already two screw holes for adjusting front axle float, if you could make two more on the upper side of the chassis, it would allow for the axle to be set with minimal play for smooth tracks and to be set up with more vertical play for bumpy tracks.

Perhaps enlarging the holes located on the end of the front suspension arms, the brake discs so to speak, would also be beneficial. It would help to create a lot less drag in the front wheels and axle, while still using the center axle holes for locating and adjusting the axle.

Making the motormount screw holes a bit more oval shaped, making the motor mounting pod slide back and forth, would also create faster lap times on smooth tracks. Same idea could be applied to body mounting screw holes."

Finally some comparative performance times.....

"At SRA, my local(carrera 4 lanes, 32m) track, using your chassis i was a full 1.5 seconds quicker than with the original modified chassis. A standard policar would lap the track in around 8.8 seconds, a modified policar does about 8.6 seconds, and with the chassis in its current form it goes around in a record 8.0 seconds, averaging about 8.2~8.3 seconds! Insanely fast on smooth tracks!

On the bumpier ninco track where the title race was held, i was only bested by two local racers. Heck, i came in as the only "guest" driver in the top 5 spots wich where all filled by highly modified Policars! The chassis desing is already extremely good, but with some slightmodifications i expect it will become the one to beat on every track!"

Well thanks Sebastiaan for the extremelly positive feedback. Now I need to book a slot in my 'sloting' work to make some modifications and do a Mark II version for added performance!!



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