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Dynamic Braking Question

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To the all

When the slot car does dynamic breaking in what direction does the power attempt to travel? Does the power go the same direction as the current which came from the power supply OR does the power attempt to go the reverse direction? I would guess the reverse direction since there are brake light system which only light based upon the direction power travels through a diode?

Thanks VERY much!!

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as far as I can remember from school physics, current has a direction, but power does not
My understanding is that the potentiometers have 4 possible connections.

1 - one end of resistor, connected to positive input voltage (+12V say)

2 - the wiper, connected to the power rail of the track slot (in a no-brakes track, these are the only ones connected)

3 - the other end of the resistor - 45 ohms (or whatever) away from +12 volts. If you pull the trigger a little, you reach this point, and if you hold the trigger here a long time, the controller will heat up at its fastest rate, since the max voltage is being converted to heat)

4 - the dead stop. It is needed so that the wiper is not resting on point 3 all the time! This is the brake connection. I guess it is connected to the other rail because as Nuro says, the result is to connect the two ends of the motor together so its back-emf will act as a power brake.

I think I have something wrong here, although a lot is right. The bit I cant figure is that the non power rail ought to be earth, but if so, in the braking position, the eartth would be connected to both ends of the motor and not allow back emf to brake. O well... nearly
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