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Dynamic Braking Question

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To the all

When the slot car does dynamic breaking in what direction does the power attempt to travel? Does the power go the same direction as the current which came from the power supply OR does the power attempt to go the reverse direction? I would guess the reverse direction since there are brake light system which only light based upon the direction power travels through a diode?

Thanks VERY much!!

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I sure appreciate the responses to the question. I suppose it is correct that power has no direction, but current does. So the question would be "In what direction would the current want to flow in the dynamic braking situation?"

The folks who talked about hooking together a light that only gets brighter during the braking instance said that one could put a diode on the motor with an LED behind it so that when current (though small it may be) flows from the motor in its "dynamo" mode the LED would light up making brake lites glow bright.

I am trying to figure out which side of the motor would the current attempt to flow out of if it were an actual dynamo and had to power a light bulb (like the kind of dynamo on a bicycle). Would the output side be the side where the motor normally receives power from the rails or the side that usually goes to the ground of the power source. Every dynamo/generator has an output side. I am just wondering which side.


If I forgot to thank you I sincerely apologize. Your response was on spot and appreciated.

I think I will go wire something up now!

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