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Dynamic Braking Question

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To the all

When the slot car does dynamic breaking in what direction does the power attempt to travel? Does the power go the same direction as the current which came from the power supply OR does the power attempt to go the reverse direction? I would guess the reverse direction since there are brake light system which only light based upon the direction power travels through a diode?

Thanks VERY much!!

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Yes, while breaking, the current is flowing in the revers direction.

This current could be used for breaklights, but:
The voltage belitlet with the rotation speed (and then also the current goes down). I think a breaklight led will only flash on for a short time and than its off.

Every load between the motor connections will make the breaking action smaller, because through a higher load flows a smaller current = smaller breaking action (same effect like a potentiometer in the break wire - a adjustable break current).

Tschau, Roland.
On my website you can find a article about the topic: "What´s happen when You build a second resistor parallel to the controller".

It´s in german, but it shows how the restistor rates are shared at several trigger positions.

Also, you can download a resistor-calculator that calculates the complete resistor of a parallel circuit. And it shows you the resistor-curve against the trigger position!(its a windows excel file). It´s a little toy.
But what you will see is, that it is not suggestive, to make he parallel restistor smaller then the Controller!

You can find it under:
Projekte --> Handreglerwiderstand

If you have questions about it...please ask me.

Tschau, Roland.
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