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Dynamic Braking Question

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To the all

When the slot car does dynamic breaking in what direction does the power attempt to travel? Does the power go the same direction as the current which came from the power supply OR does the power attempt to go the reverse direction? I would guess the reverse direction since there are brake light system which only light based upon the direction power travels through a diode?

Thanks VERY much!!

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QUOTE A potentiometer has 2 connections. Remember it's a variable resistor - between two points.

Those things with 3 connections allow you to select the polarity of the resistance - 0 to full on way and full to 0 the other. Does that sound clear or is it more

In general, the variable resistors with two connections are called rheostats - they function simply as a variable resistor - one connection goes to one end of the resistance, the other to the wiper and thus on can very a resistance between zero and the full value of the resistor - this is typically what would be used in a variable braking circuit. In use they will be installed in series with the (+) side of the circuit

A potentiometer has three connections - one at each end of the resistance winding and one to the wiper. These devices are typically used as voltage dividers - they are connected across the circuit from the (+) to the (-) sides and then the wiper connection can be used to "pick off" any voltage between zero - when it is all the way to the (-) side to the full voltage of the circuit when it is at the opposite end - (volume controls in audio circuits are a typical example)

variable resistor circuits

offers a simple explanation and diagrams.

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