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The screens have already been blown out here a year later. So it would cost as much to re-print as it would be to print a new design with new film, new screens with a minimum run of 24 shirts.

I suggest we do something new?

Like a design for the new proxy, the Balls Out Choti Race! Which I am working on. We already have at least 30 entrants so I predict a run of shirts numbering at least 50 making the cost more affordable.

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Well Jairus i would like 3 of those too.
or just 3 of them if we do not reach the required 24.
(willing to pay more then last named prices)

So if old ones get re-run 3 of them and 3 of any other you come up with as i know it will look good.

Oh and if they come out 3 Cristina Thingie shirt wearing posters,
would have asked ones without shirt if i didn have my very own Cristina
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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