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The ChaseTM is only there for the usual sponsorship / TV ratings reasons and to snag the casual viewer. Many fans feel it cheapens the series - they want the guy who does the business over the entire 36 races to win the championship.

The traditional points system did produce some amazing finishes - my highlight being Alan Kulwicki's victory in 1992 (shows my age), when he clawed back a 278 point deficit in the last six races of the season. The ChaseTM would have robbed us of that drama. On the flip side, a dominant season is also something to savour, in my opinion.

In slot cars we don't have to worry about TV ratings or sponsorship. It's unusual that we don't have at least one showdown at the last round of a 10-race Eahorc season. Mike was pretty fired up at the Heene to secure that Main Grade trophy and LMP minor. And we all have race wins to aim for - Worthing was pretty special for Clive and Paul W
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