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Catching up on my Sky+ today of BSB and NASCAR had a brain wave, why not have a race for the EAHORC Cup chase? The excitment around the race for the chase thing would be fantastic. I have 2 ways this could work. So as Deane would say let me flesh out the idea below,

Option 1
>Rounds 1 - 7 run as normal.
>After round 7 is complete the top 4 in the EAHORC Cup standings are in the chase.
>Plus then 2 wildcard picks which as in NASCAR are the others in the standings with most wins in the this being OW and PM class wins.
>The then 6 selected drivers are all put to a standard points level with extra points or credits added, say 5 extra for a win and 2 extra for a second place to keep it easy.
>For the rest of the field after round 7 they continue with there points as before and at the end of the season person finishing highest outside chase wins EAHORC shield.

Option 2
>Identical to above option just instead of 2 wildcard drivers entered for most wins it is just simply the top 6 in points who enter the chase.

Example- (Lets say points levelled to 5000 for use in this example)
If was run in previous season this is how the chase would of happened at the completion of second FLBT round,
Andy Whorton would have 5000 plus 3 OW wins (3 x 5 points = 15) and 2 OW 2nd's (2 x 2 points = 4) also 4 LMP1 wins (4 x 5 points = 20) and 1 LMP1 2nd (2 x 1 points = 2) so giving him points into the chase of 5041 points.

I just think this would really spice up the season and give everyone in the field something to fight for until the very last round. Thoughts?
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