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I don't think a Chase scenario would improve EAHORC either for pretty much the same reasons as Deane and Andy. For me a championship is fought over every single round until it is mathematically impossible to win it or you've won it.

I was watching V8 Ute racing yesterday which was surprisingly good. They had 4 races over the weekend and the one with the most points wins the meeting. The aspect I liked though was that they had prizes for best start of the meeting which wouldn't work in slot racing but also for hardest charger which was awarded to the guy with the most overtakes. Presumably everyone can fight for this if they have reverse grids etc.

It did make me think that it would be cool to have Hard Charger table going for EAHORC. Not a championship or anything but just a record of who has achieved the most places from their grid slot. I know Martin had that amazing meeting where he qualified poorly and went from the E final to the B or something like that. Just another table or stat to add to the mountain. Could you do that Deane?
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