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Although these are not slot cars, they were built by a slot racer, and I thought might be of interest to people here.

If you have read my other thread in the scratchbuilt section, you will know where they came from.

The first one was trhown in one of the Ebay lots for free (as bait) and it was so cute I decided to buy them all, even though they are not slot cars.
The drivers are lead figures and because they are not glued in, they might have swapped cars at some point in the last 40 years.

The first 3 I will keep. but the others will probably go.

I know one of those is a Lotus, the other??

3 great little Coopers

2 Maserati

Don't know what that one is, but the driver is hairy.


Tony Condon
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Hi Joel
They are both lotus,s ,the LH one being the very distinctive lotus 18 ,and RH one is a fairly poor lotus 21 driven by the legendary innes ireland
The one with the hairy driver ,jo bonnier , is a 1960 BRM

cheers tony
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