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early bird lancia

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I thougt it was about time I made a start on this one Hopefully for the Bath meet but definitly for Macs event.After all I had the thing for months .
The body is one of Macs superb Lancia ferraris nuff said,
For motive power Ive been umming and arring for ages what to do till finaly today I had a dig in a bits box and pulled out a set of mrrc spoke wheels some scd chas o tyres and one of my restored Scalex power sledges .
The power sledge was modified by replacing the old armature with a mabuchi out of a fly motor , to do this I had to sleeve the bearings with 5/64 ID tube and trim an 1/8th of the front of the shaft other than that it was a staight forward arm swap . I will also be sticking mabuchi magnets on the side of the motor pole pieces to increase the torque and also so I dont have to remagnetise the motor due to losses during the dissasembly process.
For gears I am using Taylor 12/36.
The guide is an old bolt fixing scalex race tuned type screwed straight into the power sledge front bracket The hole lined up exact and as the Lancia is such a short car saved me the problem of fabricating a guide holder.
As yet I havent finalised how the front wheels will be fixed on as I might end up running this one as an iso but another option is to screw a small L bracket behind the guide to hold the axle
Theres a few pic of the progress so far but it will take a while as I m not feeling fit enough to wield a soldering iron yet may be next week .
Like Beejay i tend to have a few on the go at once and with these up coming classic events Ive a few its spread about which will be popping up over thenext few weeks Including a rebuild on an airfix clubman motor which seems ideal for a very slim car.


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Alan the wheels are ex mrrc 4wd merc Dont worry I havent canibalised one they came in a box of bits .
The tyres are scd chaso I think chas still does them .After a quick test on the track I think I will just fix the front axle in to the shell and clip it on its quite a good fit so it should stay there ok I think the side tanks will be better on a seperate frame attached to the main chassis
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