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Hello Everyone.
The rules and entry format are detailed below.
The basic format established by Mac P has been retained with only minor changes, all measurements are in metric and the entry format has been changed.
Dedicated GP or F1 cars only. No Indy,Stripped Sport Cars or Voiturette's.
1/32 +/- 1.5 mm. Ground clearance, min 2mm
In Line motor configuration only. Build components from any era may be used. No Streamliners. If cars such as Lancia/Ferrari are built please do not fit a full width metal chasis.
Resin, GRP, wood or plastic hard bodies only - No lexan or vac formed bodies.
If an obscure car is built, it would be welcome, but the entrant must provide drawings and supporting literature for the scrutineers. If in doubt,ask.
Guide Position
The guide must not be visible, when the car is viewed from above, in the direction of travel.
Wheels and Tyres
Black rubber only. No silicon or sponge.
Cars upto and including 1951
Rear tyres Min dia. 24mm
Front tyres Min dia. 21.5mm
Max O/A tyre width 7.00 mm. Measured across the sidewalls of the tyre.
Cars from 1952 upto and including 1960
Rear tyres Min dia. 21.5 mm
Front tyres Min dia. 19mm
Max O/A tyre width 7.5mm Measured across the sidewalls of the tyre.
Race Format
3 min. heat on each lane. Top two drivers covering the greatest number of laps,automatically qualify for the 50 lap final.
Step ladder finals. Winner progressing to the next heat.
The International Track will be used. It is planned to complete some minor reconfiguring before the event.
A panel will be appointed to judge the cars. Cars will be required to run in one race during the meeting.
1.Everyone who has attended a Wolves Classic meeting this year, will be eligible to enter, by registering their interest and paying the entry fee of £7 by Dec 10
2.Anyone who has never attended a Wolves Classic will be offered a place,if they register their interest and pay the entry fee of £7 by Dec 10
3.Any places left will be made available to anyone who registers their interest by Dec.10
To register, either post, pm me, personal contact, or by phone 07740 717140
To enter.
Please send a cheque or PO or cash(in person) for £7
Cheques and PO should be made payable to "Wolverhampton Scalextric Club" please include your name and address.
Send to
Malcolm Scotto
73 Broad Street
West Midlands
WV 14 0BZ
We look forward to another memorable event.

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Me please Malcolm! Can give you my £7 tomorrow as planning on heading over to Wolves to do some 3l practise.

QUOTE 2.Anyone who has never attended a Wolves Classic will be offered a place,if they register their interest and pay the entry fee of £7 by Dec 10

Should this say ever?


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Hi there Malcolm,

Could you please put me down for an entry..

All the best.. Martin De'Ath.

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Hi Malc,

I would appreciate an entry to "my favourite event of the year" !!.

See you soon at the 1.5 / 3 litre F1 event.

I have actually started building one of the two cars for that !!.

vbr Chris A.

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Eddie Grice and Ralph Parker would like entries as well, I will be paying their entry fees for them tomorrow.

Car #1 is built (I inherited a D-type Auto-Union from the late Mike Perry's estate) before I start work on Car #2 as a backup does the streamliner ban include the open wheel streamliners such as the Maserati 250F Streamliner? I would be obeying the Lancia D50 rule and not putting chassis under sidetanks, in fact at the moment it would be just a body graft onto a cut-down Cartrix chassis.


· Philip Insull
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QUOTE No resin, GRP wood or plastic, lexon or vac forms. Hard Bodies only.????????

Well spotted Steve, this should read Resin, GRP, wood or plastic hard bodies only - No lexan or vac formed bodies.

Alexis - Ortman tyres are permitted as usual - you just can't use sponge or other pure silicon types.

Coop - it does mean never - we'd like to encourage entrants who have never been to a Wolves Classic event before to give it a try. I'd imagine the Maser is ok providing the chassis is not full width (as with the Lancia Ferrari rule) as it is an open wheeler - it is the fully enveloping bodies like the Merc streamliner that is not allowed.


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Hi Mal.
Yes please. I think you may already have me on the list...but one should not take these things for granted!
Just to confirm Phil's opinion. The Maserati is OK. Use a chassis that could fit under a 'standard' 250F. It looks like it may be a Dave Jones body, If so this model has already run at Early Birds...2009 I think!
regards Bill.

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Hi Mal, me too please, payment at bill's Half Tonner meeting (this was in case you did not get my PM)


· Tony Condon
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Hi Mal
Stick me down for a bash at this
i,ll pay you at bills meet later this month

Cheers tony
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