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Hi Wolverhampton,
Would you put me down for one entry for your Early Birds 2012 event please. Never, even ever, been to one of your events before! I have the pleasure of being in the same club as Ralph Parker & Eddie & Coop. Will post cheque today/tomorrow.

Cheers, Stan Comley.

· John Roche
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Sorry guys but I'm going to have to pull out of this one.

There's a music event that Jen would like to go to that weekend and in view of the fact that she's so tolerant and supportive of all my racing and the bands are all pretty good I'm going with her.

A shame in a way as my car is all ready, still hopefully next year.



· Jon Grainger
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Evening gents,

I'm planning my builds for EB's, and I've dug out a Ferrari 500 F2 shell, raced in 1952/'53. I wanted some confirmation, as in these years, the cars where run to F2 regulations. The rules state - 'Dedicated GP or F1 cars only. No Indy,Stripped Sport Cars or Voiturette's.' Am I right in presuming that this means F2 cars, for '52 and '53?

No doubt a stupid question, showing my inexperience!

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Update on paid and confirmed entries, which are;
Mike Thompson
Bryan King
Dave Collins
Paul Cash
Owen Cooper
Dave Lawson
Eddie Grice
Paul Elliott
Ralp Parker
Stan Comley
Simon James
Rob Wallader
Bill Charters
Lewis Gough
Phil Field
Martin De'Ath
Nick Huxley
Rob Davies
John Moxon
Roy Pritchards
Dick Smith
Dave Wisdom
Phil Insull
Ian Fitzpatrick
Tony Condon
Mick Kerr.
Paul Leyshon
Dave Lowe
Ross Tromans
If I have missed anyone,who has paid please contact me ASAP. 07740 717140,
Anyone who wants a place should get their payment to me ASAP.
Entries,from now on, will be accepted on a first come policy. Please attach a note with your address and contact no.on,please.
If those staying over,will let me know,I will arrange a meal for the Sat.night.
I will be on holiday from 27 Jan till 4 Feb.,and will deal with any late entrieson my return.

Entries will be accepted on a first come policy.
21 - 40 of 165 Posts
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