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Hello Everyone.
The rules and entry format are detailed below.
The basic format established by Mac P has been retained with only minor changes, all measurements are in metric and the entry format has been changed.
Dedicated GP or F1 cars only. No Indy,Stripped Sport Cars or Voiturette's.
1/32 +/- 1.5 mm. Ground clearance, min 2mm
In Line motor configuration only. Build components from any era may be used. No Streamliners. If cars such as Lancia/Ferrari are built please do not fit a full width metal chasis.
Resin, GRP, wood or plastic hard bodies only - No lexan or vac formed bodies.
If an obscure car is built, it would be welcome, but the entrant must provide drawings and supporting literature for the scrutineers. If in doubt,ask.
Guide Position
The guide must not be visible, when the car is viewed from above, in the direction of travel.
Wheels and Tyres
Black rubber only. No silicon or sponge.
Cars upto and including 1951
Rear tyres Min dia. 24mm
Front tyres Min dia. 21.5mm
Max O/A tyre width 7.00 mm. Measured across the sidewalls of the tyre.
Cars from 1952 upto and including 1960
Rear tyres Min dia. 21.5 mm
Front tyres Min dia. 19mm
Max O/A tyre width 7.5mm Measured across the sidewalls of the tyre.
Race Format
3 min. heat on each lane. Top two drivers covering the greatest number of laps,automatically qualify for the 50 lap final.
Step ladder finals. Winner progressing to the next heat.
The International Track will be used. It is planned to complete some minor reconfiguring before the event.
A panel will be appointed to judge the cars. Cars will be required to run in one race during the meeting.
1.Everyone who has attended a Wolves Classic meeting this year, will be eligible to enter, by registering their interest and paying the entry fee of £7 by Dec 10
2.Anyone who has never attended a Wolves Classic will be offered a place,if they register their interest and pay the entry fee of £7 by Dec 10
3.Any places left will be made available to anyone who registers their interest by Dec.10
To register, either post, pm me, personal contact, or by phone 07740 717140
To enter.
Please send a cheque or PO or cash(in person) for £7
Cheques and PO should be made payable to "Wolverhampton Scalextric Club" please include your name and address.
Send to
Malcolm Scotto
73 Broad Street
West Midlands
WV 14 0BZ
We look forward to another memorable event.
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I am sitting here turner a deeper shade of envy green by the day!!!! Always my favorite event!!! Looking forward to both the pictures and the stories. Good racing lads and enjoy it for all of us who cannot!!!

Hi Folks,
Just a quick reminder that doors open at around 10:00 on Saturday for practice and 8:30 on Sunday morning, please don't come any earlier as you will be blocking the car park entrance. Some interesting stuff last night with some quick EB cars some mid pace and some clearly in need of a lot of changes before Sunday. My Merc is only mid pace in my hands but recovers from some great tail out slides and I even managed to do some great LMP nerfing with it! (I haven't had so much fun in years - pray your not trying to go outside me on Sunday!)

Sadly GT can,t attend as he's snowed under with work and he's got to work Sunday but I understand that PP, RS, SMK, OCAR and Charles Fitzpatrick should all be in attendance with goodies to peruse and purchase.
See many of you on Saturday and many more on Sunday - looking forward to it
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I travelled over yesterday afternoon, and had a nightmare journey. One that should take two and half, took five and a half, just every single holdup seemed to affect me.

Car is finished, and looking forward to the weekend. I know it won't be the fastest car there, but it does handle well, so I'm just going to pootle round and enjoy the event.

See you in the morning

She'll be right mate!
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Thanks Phil, for posting the openning times.
Just a note on car parking.
Not everyone will be able to find a space on the club car park,on Sunday.There is additional parking 100yds further down the access road.No charge and it will be open all day.
There will be tea and coffee on Saturday and if required a run to the local chiippy will be organised around 1pm.
If you need any further information contact me 07740 717140
Be seeing you.
Hi Malc,
I will have to come up Saturday, My new car went up in smoke after only a few laps. its a pitty as it was running real nice.
I did a few laps with last years car, it didnt feel as good, & I couldnt get below 9 second laps. I was going to loan this car to a friend, but I may have to use it myself. I will work on my car tonight & test it tomorrow.

Hi Mal does that mean there are not any rolls/baps/cobs toasties as are usually available?

looking forward to it as ever - see you sunday

The chips are only available on Saturdays for racers who can do more than two laps with out crashing. You may have noticed Ive lost a stone in weight since christmas.
The Cobs & butties will still be available on a Sunday, I hope!
Never mind mate you'll never starve!

I've lost a stone too,

and the exhuast, 3 eared spinner and screen from the 246.
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I just had a serious bout of food poisoning/Viral infection and I lost 7 KG in 3 days

Shame I have already put 5KG back!

Ah well at least my cars are done (makes a change that).
And just to prove that '' finished the cars....

Sorry about the crummy photos.

Just made a last minute improvement to the Lotus 18 which now sports a proper white/chequered helmet for innes ireland/Oulton Gold Cup car 1960

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Looking good there Pete, looks like I'm taking up your lastminute. mantel.

After last nights debacle, I've changed the motor, guide and front axle thingy, not decided what to do with the uber-grippy front tyres yet! (dont want to low grip them, as they'd make great rears for something else
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notQUOTE decided what to do with the uber-grippy front tyres yet! (dont want to low grip them, as they'd make great rears for something else

Simon, coat them with a clear nail varnish then when you want to use them as rears later you can just peel the varnish off as it forms a shell but doesn't tend to penetrate the tyres themselves. Glad to hear you've got rid of the 30K hand grenade motor!

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Well done to Mike T. for an excellent win, he was pushed all the way by Lewis G. I was sorry to see Robbie D come third after he was so quick in the heats. The competition was very close all the way through the finals, this is what makes it a such a great event. It was a pleasure to watch & participate in the racing today. Well done to all who attended today. It was good to see this event continue. I hope to see you all again next year if not sooner at the Lemans or Tourers later in the year.

My thanks to Malc for hosting the event & Ian for the food & drinks.

Who was the luck person who won the bottle of priceless Wolves red wine. If I was you, I wouldn't drink it. Its probably past its best & should be thrown in the bin. A bit like the Albion, sorry I meant Wolves.

Hi folks,
Just like to add my thanks to Malc for a great event, It felt a bit strange to me not to see Mac and one or two other familiar friends, but excellent racing and some superb cars. Well done to Dave Lowe for winning concours with his first ever E-B car - just stunning.

I will post results later today when I get back from work.
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Hi All.
I hope everyone enjoyed the day, another cracking EB!
I think the Wolves team approach, with Malcolm hosting the event worked very well. Thanks to Rob W and Phil for doing the baulk of Race control, a long and testing job with 40 heats and then Finals!
Congratulations to Mick T, and young 'Pocket Rocket' Lewis on fine drives and super racing in the finals.
A big 'Thank You' to Rob Davies for all his help with the other 'long and testing' job...scrutineering. Most of us would be thrilled with an EB third place, but Rob's driving and superbly built Merc W196, probably deserved even better, he was the class of the heats until a nasty off on the difficult white year Rob, next year!
Final thank you's to Sean (Pendle Slot Racing) for his much appreciated sponsorship, and great gift vouchers for the winners and placemen, and to Malcolm for pulling it all together.
Last but very much most important, to all of you guys who came along and supported the event.
Hope we can do it all again next year,
Kind Regards Bill.
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Yep, agree with all that, another very competitive yet friendly & sociable Early Birds Meeting.
Excellent win for The Smiling Assassin" under intense pressure from Lewis for 50 laps.
Usual thanks to the Wolves team

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Can I add my thanks to the great team at Wolves. Despite missing the saturday social element (and I did miss it but it was management's birthday on Saturday, 'nuff said) I had a great EB.

I was a bit surprised the judges preferred my Auto Union to my Lotus 18 but I was extremely pleased with 2nd in concours - thank you.

See you all later in the year.

Back at work,thanks to the Wolves team for another great Early Birds and congratulations to all the winners,sorry i had to leave early but i had plane to catch at Heathrow at 10.15.
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