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Hello Everyone.
The rules and entry format are detailed below.
The basic format established by Mac P has been retained with only minor changes, all measurements are in metric and the entry format has been changed.
Dedicated GP or F1 cars only. No Indy,Stripped Sport Cars or Voiturette's.
1/32 +/- 1.5 mm. Ground clearance, min 2mm
In Line motor configuration only. Build components from any era may be used. No Streamliners. If cars such as Lancia/Ferrari are built please do not fit a full width metal chasis.
Resin, GRP, wood or plastic hard bodies only - No lexan or vac formed bodies.
If an obscure car is built, it would be welcome, but the entrant must provide drawings and supporting literature for the scrutineers. If in doubt,ask.
Guide Position
The guide must not be visible, when the car is viewed from above, in the direction of travel.
Wheels and Tyres
Black rubber only. No silicon or sponge.
Cars upto and including 1951
Rear tyres Min dia. 24mm
Front tyres Min dia. 21.5mm
Max O/A tyre width 7.00 mm. Measured across the sidewalls of the tyre.
Cars from 1952 upto and including 1960
Rear tyres Min dia. 21.5 mm
Front tyres Min dia. 19mm
Max O/A tyre width 7.5mm Measured across the sidewalls of the tyre.
Race Format
3 min. heat on each lane. Top two drivers covering the greatest number of laps,automatically qualify for the 50 lap final.
Step ladder finals. Winner progressing to the next heat.
The International Track will be used. It is planned to complete some minor reconfiguring before the event.
A panel will be appointed to judge the cars. Cars will be required to run in one race during the meeting.
1.Everyone who has attended a Wolves Classic meeting this year, will be eligible to enter, by registering their interest and paying the entry fee of £7 by Dec 10
2.Anyone who has never attended a Wolves Classic will be offered a place,if they register their interest and pay the entry fee of £7 by Dec 10
3.Any places left will be made available to anyone who registers their interest by Dec.10
To register, either post, pm me, personal contact, or by phone 07740 717140
To enter.
Please send a cheque or PO or cash(in person) for £7
Cheques and PO should be made payable to "Wolverhampton Scalextric Club" please include your name and address.
Send to
Malcolm Scotto
73 Broad Street
West Midlands
WV 14 0BZ
We look forward to another memorable event.
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Once again thanks to all at Wolves for a well run meeting. A good early finish is always appreciated by those who have a three hour drive home.

The fact that there are now 6 people faster than me with Early Birds cars will need to be seriously addressed for next year
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Ey Up,

Just echoing the others, another great EBs.

Special congrats to Mick, Lewis and Robbie.

Many thanks to all the team for a superb meeting, and Dick, there were 9 people faster than me !!.

Serves me right for being "Last Minute Larry".

See you all at the Le Mans meeting.

Now, which car should I build on the 27th April ??.

VBR Chris A.
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a quick thank you to mal ,phil bill robbie and ian fo rmaking it an enjoyable and well run meet

cheers tony
QUOTE (CJA @ 5 Mar 2012, 13:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Now, which car should I build on the 27th April ??.
Whatever you decide to build, just make sure you have read the rules & made sure it's eligible before you start

By a process of elimination there must have been 8 quicker than me but remember what Graham Hill said you meet a better class of person further down the field

Appologies to Mike, Lewis, Robbie & Mick.........
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Hi Eddie,

thanks for that kind observation, very droll !!.

Fancy Kev turning up like that !!.

vbr Chris.
Results part one - Qualifying distances all drivers had 4 x 3 minute qualifying heats - distance in laps

1 Mike Thompson 77.67
2 Robbie Davies 77.33
3 Lewis Gough 77.07
4 Mick Kerr 76.42
5 Bill Charters 76.29
6 Dick Smith 76.25
7 Eddie Grice 75.54
8 Rob Wallader 74.98
9 Mark Witham 74.70
10 Chris Adams 74.56
11 Phil Field 73.93
12 Ian James 73.52
13= Mark Cockerton 73.17
13= Roy Pritchards 73.17
15 Mike Langridge 71.18
16 Alexis Gaitanis 70.14
17 Nick Huxley 69.48
18 Ian Fitzpatrick 69.29
19 Tony Condon 69.00
20 Paul Cash 68.50
21 Paul Leyshon 67.76
22 Pete Emery 67.50
23 Bryan King 66.91
24 Ralph Parker 66.35
25 John Moxon 65.72
26 Mike Wall 63.69
27 Andy White 63.56
28 Alan Dove 63.55
29 Phil Insull 63.32
30 Colin Spark 62.45
31 Mike Buss 62.25
32 Alan Shawe 60.98
33 Martin De'Ath 60.81
34 Simon James 59.32
35 Jon Grainger 57.55
36 Dave Buddle 56.98
37 Dave Capelen 55.29
38 Dave Lowe 54.28
39 Ross Trowmans 53.78
40 Maria Gaitanis 50.40
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EB Results part two - Ladder Finals Results

2x25 lap Grand Final

1. Mike Thompson ® 50 laps
2. Lewis Gough (
50 laps
3. Robbie Davies (Y) 48 laps
4. Mick Kerr (W) 47 laps

25 lap Semi Final
1. Lewis Gough ®
2. Mick Kerr (Y)
3. Bill Charters (
5th o/a
4. Rob Wallader (W) 6th o/a

ladder C (all rest 3 minutes)
1. Rob Wallader (

2. Dick Smith ® 7th o/a
3. Phil Field (W) 8th o/a
4. Eddie Grice (Y) 9th o/a

ladder D
1. Phil Field (

2. Mark Witham ® 10th o/a
3. Chris Adams (Y) 11th o/a
4. Mark Cockerton (W) 12th o/a

ladder E
1. Mark Cockerton (Y)
2. Ian James ® 13th o/a
3. Roy Pritchards (
14th o/a
4. Mike Langridge (W) 15th o/a

ladder F
1. Mike Langridge (Y)
2. Alexis Gaitanis ® 16th o/a
3. Nick Huxley (
17th o/a
4. Paul Cash (W) 18th o/a

ladder G
1. Paul Cash (

2. Tony Condon (Y) 19th o/a
3. Ian Fitzpatrick ® 20th o/a
4. Paul Leyshon (W) 21st o/a

ladder H
1. Paul Leyshon ®
2. Pete Emery (Y) 22nd o/a
3. Bryan King (W) 23rd o/a
4. Ralph Parker (
24th o/a

ladder I
1. Ralph Parker ®
2. John Moxon (Y) 25th o/a
3. Mike Wall (
26th o/a
4. Phil Insull (W) 27th o/a

ladder J
1. Phil Insull (

2. Andy White ® 28th o/a
3. Colin Spark (W) 29th o/a
4. Alan Dove (Y) 30th o/a

ladder K
1. Colin Spark (Y)
2. Martin De'Ath (
31st o/a
3. Alan Shawe (W) 32nd o/a
4. Mike Buss ® 33rd o/a

ladder L
1. Martin De'Ath (Y)
2. Jon Grainger (
34th o/a
3. Simon James ® 35th o/a
4. Dave Buddle (W) 36th o/a

ladder M
1. Jon Grainger ®
2. Dave Buddle (Y)
3. Dave Lowe (W) 37th o/a
4. Maria Gaitanis (
38th o/a

ladder N
1. Dave Lowe (Y)
2. Maria Gaitanis (W)
3. Ross Trowmans (
39th o/a
4. Dave Capelen ® (Ret) 40th o/a
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E-B Results part 3
please note in previous post lane colours were in brackets and some came out as smileys (
= Blue and ® = Red.

Concours Results - 6 Judges scored cars out of 20 lowest score dropped to give total out of 100 possible points.

1. Dave Lowe - BRM P25 - 92
2. Pete Emery - Auto Union D Type - 88
3. Mike Wall - Alfa Romeo 308 - 80
4. Paul Cash - Offset Maserati 250F - 79
5. Jon Grainger - Ferrari F500 - 78
6. Phil Insull - Ferrari 246 - 76
7. Pete Emery - Lotus 18 - 73
8. Paul Cash - Ferrari Dino - 72
9. Phil Insull - Alfa Romeo 308 - 68
10. Martin De'Ath - Vanwall - 67
11= Alan Shawe - Mercedes W154 - 61
11= Alan Shawe - Lancia-Ferrari -61
13 Malcolm Scotto - Scarab - 59
14= Bryan King - Mercedes W196 - 58
14= Chris Adams - Vanwall - 58
16. Simon James - Ferrari 246 - 51.

Bill will be doing a more in depth report on the events and the finals at a later stage so keep an eye out for that, and I'll try and get some pics on in the next day or so.
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Hi there all..

A big thank you to everyone involved in the EB....

A great days racing and excellent company, well done to all..

All the best.. Martin.
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Hopefully I can get some pictures loaded up - here goes!

Mike T receives his trophy and Pendle Slot Racing winners voucher from Malcolm.

Lewis continues to show us how versatile he is - he even built his own car for this one putting some senior "borrowers" I know to shame! Many thanks to Steve Ward at Penelope Pitlane for supplying Lewis the parts.

Third place for Robbie D seemed scant reward for such great driving all day, although he's still smiling bless him!

Dave Lowe looks pleased with his Concours winners prize - not bad for a first attempt at a classic GP car!

Tiff - Why so serious?

He's smiling now he's seen his PSR Concours runners-up voucher though!

Malcolm knows where the camera is but Mike Wall isn't so sure as he receives his Concours 3rd place prize.

Penelope Pitlane's new display stand and models (Not sure our younger members should be looking at this!)

Robbie & Bill hard at work during scrutineering - but can you guess the mystery pate walking across the shot?

Yes - It's our very own Ian James, to think they once had barnets like the hair bear bunch! Bill doesn't know whether to laugh or cry!

A rare shot this - the only time all weekend that the serene Mike T seemed to get himself in a tangle!

That's all folks
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Only teasing - I know some of you want to see some cars - here are the Concours entries didn't get to take any action shots as busy with Rob W on race control during the racing period.

Dave Lowe's winning BRM - Dave Jones body and he made just about everything else himself including exhausts, brackets, spinners, suspension, springs, steering wheel, dash, and even the polished aluminium plate behind the drivers head - amazing detail the picture doesn't begin to do it justice.

Tiff's second placed Auto Union D Type with removable panels and engine detail - excellent!

Mike Wall's 3rd placed Alfa 8c complete with tazio in his famous yellow Jersey and leather jerkin.

Yours truly's 308C

Paul cash's offset Maser

Paul's 246 Dino

Jon Grainger's Ferrari F500 - Alberto Ascari

Alan Shawe's Mercedes W154

Alan's Lancia-Ferrari in the foreground with Jon's F500 in the background.

Simon James' slightly beaten up Ferrari 246

Malcolm's Scarab as run by Ian James

Bryan King's Mercedes W196 - Jon & I liked it sadly the other judges weren't so keen.

Tiff's Lotus 18 - Innes Ireland

Martin De'Ath's weathered Vanwall - Tony Brooks

Chris Adam's Vanwall - Stirling Moss

Finally my Ferrari 246 the GT Models kit done as Wolfgang Von Tripps car.
Hope you like them all
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Ey Up Guys,

aren't the cars brilliant ??!!.

I don't mean mine, by the way, I put it in to make up the numbers, its only a re-sprayed Airfix shell, and has the wrong rear wheels anyway !!.

This is an amazing aspect of the Wolves series, the standard of the cars.

There is not "a dog" amongst the runners, including those not entered for concourse !!.

The top 5 are superb, and I personally was amazed by the P25, but liked Bryan's 196 for the overall "look".

vbr Chris.
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It looks like i missed another great event. Still i had fun with live music and beer instead.

Hopefully I'll make it for next years meeting.


Early Birds Race report.
Thanks to Phil for the complete results and excellent Concours pictures and round up.
This was the first 'Post Mac' EB's and I am sure I was not alone in finding the event somewhat strange without his presence.
Also notable by his absence, Dave Jones. He has sat alongside Mac for all the previous EB's except one...both Gentlemen were missed.
Saturday Practice.
Around 20 or so made it for practice and set up on Saturday, lap times were quite modest during the morning sessions, but as grip improved in the afternoon lap times dropped, and there were low 9 second and even an odd sub nine second laps put in before the close of play.
Sunday Race Day.
Doors open around 8 am and drivers were soon on track for some early pratice laps, the track again proving somewhat lacking in grip due to a sharp overnight temp' drop...there were snow flurries in Aldersley!
After Concours was concluded at around 10.45am Malcolm gave his Drivers briefing, heat names were loaded in to the PC and we started racing just before 11am.
As has become the tradition at EB, the last years top three, + one other top EB runner (Mick Kerr) made up the first heat of the day. It soon settled to a close battle between all 4 drivers with Mick heading us home from Eddie myself and Dick Smith.
This group battled on throughout the day with little between us, Mick came out on top in 4th O/A followed by me, Dick and Eddie.
The fastest drivers of the day were from the 'B' heat and one from 'C' heat.
Rob Davies was in super form, winning most of his heats from the hardcharging and clockwork consistant, Mike Thompson.
Chris Adams, and Rob Wallader both battled manfully to try to keep up with the flying due, but Rob's pace was very quick, on Red lane posting the only (I think) 20 lap heat total of the 20.01! I am also sure his 9.1 second lap in this heat was FTD.
In the 'C' grouping, Wolves very own 'star of the Future' young Lewis Gough was putting in impressive lap totals to take third O/A after the heats, in a model built by himself just a couple of weeks before the event!
Further down the field, notable peformances from Phil Field, returning to EB's after a 2 year absense, for a fine 11th after the heats, and Ian James using is hastily revamped, borrowed, Scarab making great progress to finish 12th.
Other drivers worthy of mention, Mick Langridge, in only his second Wolves Classic finding good pace with his superb Maserati
Ian Fitzpatrick, Paul Leyshon, our Greek friend Alex Gaitanis, and Simon James all boxing above their weight with some excellent heat totals.
On a rather different note, it was a nice touch to see Roy Pritchards running the recently departed, Ian Tyrer's Merceded 196. Very good form Roy, I am sure the Tyrer family were proud to see his model being expertly driven in an event Ian loved.
Of the Newcomers, all the Manxmen seemed to be having a good time getting to grips with the new International track, only our regular Manx visitor, Dave Capelen, having some gear issues which rather spoilt his heat total...heading for a much higher heat place if he had not hit trouble. W/bro Clubman Dave Buddle making his debut, using fellow Clubmembers models, also showing good first timer pace.
We managed to get the finals under way by about 3.20pm.
All were close fought affairs, no quarter asked or given. Good final showings from Phil Insull (until grip deserted him!) Paul Leyshon, Tony Condon, and many other of final winners.
The 25 lap Semi Final runners of Lewis, Mick Kerr, myself, were joined by C Final winner 'Big' Rob Wallader who just caught and pipped Dick Smith on the line in a near photo Murray would say... Fantastic!!
I managed my usual 'lightning start' (pause for embarrased cough) but the youngster was all over me like a rash, after a couple of laps trying to hold him off, I had to defer and he was gone. Mick soon caught me and I thought we were in for a race long battle for the second Final place when he 'dropped' it in the esses. I had around a 1/2 lap lead and about 12 laps remaining...tyres rapidly giving up their last vestige of grip! On about lap 21 Mick the inevitable happened and he eased past me, and the Grand Final places were set.
50lap Grand Final.
This should have been a straight 50 lapper, but due to 'Technical difficulties' turned into a double 25 lap race!
Race 1
The first was going more or less to heat form, Rob battling hard with Lewis, the pair trying to catch Mike T just a few feet ahead. Mick K is no great fan of White lane, and despite his best efforts, began to lose touch with the leaders.
The race ran out in Mike's favour from Lewis second with Rob Third, and a little way back Mick.
Race 2.
This was even more dramatic, following similar racing to the first, until about lap 15 when Rob had (his second of the day) a most spectacular crash, his lovely Merc' vaulting the super fast left hander leading on to the main straight a near full pelt...a sickening thud as it hit the floor! Thankfully, Rob builds his models strong, but it did not quite perform as well after the crash, and Rob struggled to get back on the pace with further deslots.
The second race ended with Mike just ahead of Lewis from Mick and Rob.
After the two race totals were compared, 1st Mike Thonpson 2nd Lewis Gough, 3rd Rob Davies, 4th Mick Kerr.
Well done to all the racers on the day, and biggest round of applause to Mike T, only the 5th (new) winner in 8 EB's (Mick Kerr and Dick Smith being greedy multi winners!)
I hope every one can make it again next year, EB's was a sell out full 48, but some late problems for 8 entrants gave us a managable 40 entry on the day.
I think its fair to say, Mac's legacy lives on, EB's 2012 was a Super Event.
Thanks to all entrants for your patronage.
Kind Regards Bill.
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Thanks for posting the photos Phil - the cars look great as ever. I hope to make the EB's meeting one year but running my own club takes a lot of time.

Congrats to all the winners, nice to see Mike T up there. Anyway, must go i've yet another track to build for Presto Park as we are moving again at the end of this month. Mike
Well done to all involved .sorry not to be there hopefully next time.
I have to place on record my thanks to the Wolves members who contributed to making the event meet all my expectations, starting on Friday night when members stayed back to erect tables and move furniture into storeage, to make room for the Pits. Kev,Matt,Nick and Lewis.
On Saturday in addition to the support of Bill and Rob D getting started on scrutineering,Sam hovered the longe right through and helped prepare the kitchen.
Phil for organising the Concours. Rob W for assisting with Race Control and loading the computer with 40 names.
The two framed A4 GP pictures awarded to the Concours and Race winners were organised by Paul G and Ian J, who had spent Saturday chasing down an extra frame.
When everyone had departed the clean up started.Within 2 hrs and with the support of Roy,Nick, Lewis and Phil we had the place ready for the Youth Club to use on Monday.
Without this level of member support and interest there would be no meetings.
Thank you all.
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Great report Bill, just one minor correction if I may.
QUOTE Lewis Gough was putting in impressive lap totals to take third O/A after the heats, in a model built by himself just a couple of weeks before the event! This should really read a just couple of days before the event - with a rework onto narrow rear hubs and new tyres on Saturday afternoon after failing on track dimensions, making the "pocket rocket" and the cars performance even more remarkable.

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