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Eastcote 24hrs

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This years Eastcote 24hrs will take place on 8th & 9th October in Ruislip West London. There will be up to 16 teams. The track will be Ninco with 8,12 or 16 lanes depending on entries which need to be confirmed by the end of July. The cars will be Ninco and Fly Sports and GT cars. parts are allowed, tyres will be supplied, probably p4s. 4 to 6 drivers per team.

For full details please contact me.

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LMP. can you put the team together? I want the team entered and running as PHOENIX and not Get Slotted or anyone else. If needs be I`ll drive, maybe we can use Kev`s bus?
I should be able to confirm how many temas we are sending by the end of the week.
Hi Roly

Farnham will be entering a team, any outline rules or list of cars allowed?

I doubt that Brain will get his deposit by the 31st as I still haven't sorted anything out. But I will get you confirmation by the end of July to as wether there will be a Phoenix team and if so deposit will be sent ASAP.

Thank you for your patience, I'll be able to speak to you at the P24 this weekend too hopefully.
Gareth, rules not completely finalised yet,but the follwing cars are definitely allowed.

Fly. Lola B98, Porsche GT1 98, Saleen S7R, race versions.

Ninco: Mercedes CLK GTR, Callaway, BMW LMP either version.

The Honda NSX and Toyota Supra will almost certainly be added to the list.

Motors allowed are Ninco NC2,3 5 and 6 plus the Fly Evo2 i.e the long one.

Wheels, axles, pinions or gears can be any Fly Ninco or

Tyres will be supplied, probably P4s.

We hope to have full rules available by next week.

LMP. As long as you can confirm an entry by the 31st I can sort out the deposit with Brian.

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Latest news on the Eastcote 24hrs is that we definitely have 12 teams confimed. The track will be Ninco, 12 or 16 lanes depending on whether there are any more entries before the end of August. The venue will be Yeading Football Club, Hayes Middlesex and the date is 8th-9th October.
If anyone else is interested please contact me before the end of the month.

The confimed teams are:

1. Eastcote 1
2. Eastcote 2
3. Gold Leaf Team Lotus (From Brussels)
4. Slot Gypsies (from Farnham)
5. Wolverhampton
6. Get Slotted
7. Pit Stop Juniors
8. Tottenham
9. Southwest
10. Burnt Oak
11. Viking
12. West London
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Team Farnham Entry

Two cars (one spare) one set up with Ninco Pro Race and the other to be set up with Slot It parts.

Just need to add a couple of logos and we are ready to race

Flasks of coffee and red bull already packed.

See you Saturday.

Gareth Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Forgot to add the wings back on prior to photos!!


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Nice looking cars, Jexy. One thing that bothers me a bit - I'm sure I saw an e-mail which said that Prorace parts aren't permitted. It might be an idea to check, just in case that car is the fastest in practice (and sod's law dictates that it will be, of course...)

See you on the big day!

Hi Mooster

Yes i got that eamil to, on Monday!! after i built the cars and bought all the pro race bits!

Bit annoyed really! hence the second car.

See you Saturday.

On behalf of Malcolm Scotto and myself we'd like to wish the competing teams "Good Luck" for the 24 hours. Especially the Wolves boys; Ian, Stuart, Adam, Matty, Neil, and Andy have worked hard getting the cars ready, and a special thanks to the guys at Midland Model Centre for their support and kind supply of equipment & parts.
Wolverhampton Slot Car Club.
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What time does race kick off on Saturday?
Might come and take a look as i will be in the area, is it still at the Yeading venue?
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Hi John

We have to sign in at 12noon and i think race starts 3.00pm

no baby on one arm bottle in hand one touch keyboard.

should be getting sleep ready for the race
Any pictures, results, report?

You've all had the chance of 12 hours sleep since it finished

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Team Farnham had to retire!

13-14 hours in and four destroyed chassis.

Each one had bust axle supports (on either side) i far as i know no other team experienced any problems with this so it must have been something wrong with my set up, but i can't see what?

Toyota Supra, NC5, Slot It Rear Axle and side angle winder gear/Pinion, P4 tyres, Parma controllers (45 and 25).

We really enjoyed the experience and were doing pretty well until the problems started running third for several hours.

Came home and watched the GP, then fell asleep for 4 hours!

next year? - not with the Supra! Fly Porsche Evo seems to be the way to go unless Ninco improve the chassis.

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Even although we did not get long past half way and so left early (or maybe because we left early) I thought it was great experience.

First off I have to say thank you to the organisers for putting on a well run and fun event (not easy to make things both). I look forward to the next time.

Secondly thanks to Gareth for sourcing and building the cars. I doubt it was anything he did or didn't do that caused the problems since even the standard car broke.

Finally, thanks to the other people we met and spoke with. After a few events this year I'm starting to recognise a few faces and names and it is always good fun and friendly.
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