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Eastcote 24hrs

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This years Eastcote 24hrs will take place on 8th & 9th October in Ruislip West London. There will be up to 16 teams. The track will be Ninco with 8,12 or 16 lanes depending on entries which need to be confirmed by the end of July. The cars will be Ninco and Fly Sports and GT cars. parts are allowed, tyres will be supplied, probably p4s. 4 to 6 drivers per team.

For full details please contact me.

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Great event - still got sore eyes/legs/back/throat though.

We ran the Supra too, although with NC6. Great car, great handling. No probs whatever.
After getting most of the bum lanes in the first few hours, we recovered and finished fourth - the best West London have managed since I've been in the team.
Possibly might not have got so high up if a couple of other teams hadn't had trouble, but we had our fair share last year!

Must get my eyes tested though - the far two turns were just a blur in the distance!!!

Still trying to work out how Mad Matt Digby could get his car into the 12 sec when everyone else was in the 13s! Best I did was a 13.66.

Falling asleep at work now.....

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I'd be interersted to know if all the other Supras ran NC-6. Us using the NC-5 is about the only thing we can think of that might have caused the problem.
We had a NC5 version in practice too and it was producing the same lap times, so we were wondering which way to go. The only thing that made our minds up was that the last few events we have been to, the 6s have won.
Perhaps the NC5's great torque is just too much for the chassis????

Ah - didn't ralise they were using standard rear end - that would explain a lot.
A Few pics follow from the event

The line up on the start

Brian on the controls and lap counting

Some of the drivers at the start - you can tell - their eyes are open

Main straight

The track

Team Farnham prior to start

Where it all went wrong!

See you next time - maybe!

Abbo - slot it running gear in a Ninco - standard? what would you use?

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Sorry - wasn't reading the posts properly... bleary eyes.

I didn't set up the cars, Russell Turner did - but we ran complete slot-it rear end.

Looking at those pics, Farnham must have been very unlucky!

Russell did have to re-align the gear (twice I think) as it moved slightly on the axle - probably after a trip to the floor...
Hi guys.
I resisted the temptation to race and I'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed today. ...Sorry!
Jexy - The main diameter of the bearings, i.e. between the flanges, is slightly larger than that of the original Ninco bearings. This will put extra tension on the bearing holder parts of the chassis. I believe that this would have been at the heart of your problem.
I once cracked an NSX chassis there with the standard bearings so it's obviously a weak point of Ninco's anglewinder design.
Anyone care to let the rest of us in on the final results?
Eastcote won it, followed by Wolverhampton, Tottenham and West London. After that it gets a bit hazy, so I'd best let Roly put up the official results when he gets them from Brian!

A really good event (not just because I was in the winning team!) with lots of good racing all the way through the field. On the Supra front, the Wolves car was very fast and reliable throughout, so it would be interesting to hear a few hints from them regarding setup.

Mooster (zzzzzzz)
Mooster - I was sitting with Matt Digby, and we did notice that you have started to do the "Diddy Druce Dance" whilst racing.... is this an age thing??????

Personally, I'm going for the William Oxhey head on side and tongue slightly out.... obviously not doing the same kind of lap times as him though :-(

Yes, it's an age thing. I should have gone to the toilet before I did the hour stint...

Viking team 5th

followed by Tottenham team 2

I always wonder why i do these events, but at 2am on Sunday i'm on the racing podium side by side with some great company having a giggle about alsorts.

That's why i do it!!

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Nearly there! Were Getslotted 7th, then? I know Penelope Pitstop's pink Merc was 11th, having hit the floor more times than John Travolta.

Mooster - did the youngsters get past Burnt Oak at the end then?

I had to leave about an hour before the end and there was at least 200 laps between them, so I thought they were safe...

Nah, I was thinking Farnham were 12th, so that would put Burnt Oak into 10th. The South West team's car finally really got going with about four hours to go, so I'm not sure how far up the order they got, and I'm not sure where the team from Belgium came either.

1. Eastcote 5531
2. Wolves 5442
3. Totttenham 1 5385
4. West London 5347
5. Viking 5310
6. Gold Leaf (Bel) 5248
7. Tottenham 2 5240
8. Southwest 5209
9. Get Slotted 5205
10. Burnt Oak 4984
11. Penelope Pit Stops 4582
12. Farnham (retired) 2688
Any one know the lap distance? (track lenght)
52 Meter lane length - sure? that means the winners car traveled just over 178 miles!

London to Sheffield!

At a rough average speed of 7.4 miles per hour.
Promo flyer lying on the table at the event said 48m, but that may have been before the build.
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