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Eastcote 6 hour Endurance

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Round one of the London GT endurance series is on Sunday 24th April on the Eastcote clubs 8 lane 103ft Ninco track at Northwood Hills North West London. We still have a spare slot if anyone is interested. It will be run to the London GT championship rules.

If you are interested let me know.

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Hi Roly

Do you have a timetable of events? Opening times, practice, race times?

I'll speak to our bunch about it. How many per team?



If Gary can't come up with anything, I'll have a word with a few of our lot. Especially as you supported us at the Bolwextric 12 hour.

I'll echo Gary's request for a few more details and, as we're not really "tuners", what standard car, in your opinion, would suit the event the best?

Any of the Slot.It or Fly Racing cars would do fine at this track.

But basically, the rules entail any standard car from a list of manufacturers, with any tune up pieces that they offer. No ball bearings or pnuematic tires. That's about it.

It's real easy to build up an extremely competitive car simply using bolt-on upgrade parts from Slot.It or similar.

I'll post here on friday wether we can make it or not. Hope thats ok.
There isn't a huge amount of power (amps) at Eastcote, so Ninco NC5 and NC6 are a decent bet. Front runners in the club Sports/GT Class this year are Ninco NSXs, with their Standard NC5 motor. You might like to change the front wheels/tyres for slightly smaller ones, and Ninco Merc CLK rear hubs and tyres offer a slight improvement, but aren't essential. There's no reason why a pretty standard NSX shouldn't do well.

I've texted Roly with your queries, as soon as I get some answers I'll post them!

Hope you can get along, it'll be a good event.

Thanks Mooster.

I don't know If I can make it myself cos of work, but I'll try my best to put a team together (wether it contains me or not!).
Ok, I have those all-important details!

The club opens at 8 a.m., and the race will start at 10 a.m.. Teams can be of 3 - 6 people. Entry is £25 per team.

There will of course be a round of the London GT and Southern Porsche Challenge at Eastcote this year, so it's a great opportunity to learn the track! There is a picture of the track here:

N.B. The corner nearest the camera is the last corner of the lap, to give you the direction of travel.

Any other questions, please feel free to PM me.

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Good News!

I've put together a team of three; Myself, the Iceman, and Robbie 'Mr Burns' D.

See you all Sunday
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Yaaay! See you there!

Whatever your story is, we'll back you up, mate!

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Glad you can make it LMP, should be a good event. If you need any more info let me know.

Good job I wear re-actolights.

I called in towards the end of the second 45 minute segment.
Eastcote 1 were flying with Mooster's Fly Porsche GT1 with an NC6 and P4s.
Slot 32 were 2nd, about 17 laps behind - but they were on black lane.
Pit Stop juniors had just moved up to 5th.
Eastcote 2 weren't doing much but Mr. M. Digby had yet to drive for them.
Someone was running a New Man 956 which looked great.
South West had a multi-coloured Fly Lola that was going to cause the marshals to scratch their heads, I suspect.
Someone else will have the final results.
QUOTE (lowrider @ 25 Apr 2005, 06:57)Someone was running a New Man 956 which looked great.

That's be us lot

My Audi just wasn't cutting the mustard.

1. Eastcote 1
2. Slot 32
3. Phoenix
4. Eastcote 2

Don't know about the rest? I think it may have then been the Juniors, Viking, West London and the South West. I'm sure Roly will post the official results soon.
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