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Eastcote 6 hour Endurance

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Round one of the London GT endurance series is on Sunday 24th April on the Eastcote clubs 8 lane 103ft Ninco track at Northwood Hills North West London. We still have a spare slot if anyone is interested. It will be run to the London GT championship rules.

If you are interested let me know.

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I think that's about right, LMP, but as you say, I'm sure Roly will post the official results. A great effort by the Phoenix team to get third place, and they had to fight for it the whole way. Thanks to all the teams for making the journey, and for making it a really good event (not just because we won it!).

Awww ... LMP!
After I brought along my welding visor to protect my vision from your Audi's colour scheme.
Here are the results a little delayed, bit busy yesterday. Thanks to everyone who raced and made it an enjoyable event. Next round will be at West London in July, will confirm the date asap.

Eastcote 6 Hour Results

1 Eastcote Porsche GT1 98 NC6 P4s 1734 laps
Roland Brooks-250GTO
Ric Woods- Mooster
Brian Steptoe
James Ryan

2. Slot 32 Saleen NC6 P4s 1693 laps
Nic Picot
Ken Webb
Graham Hardy
Vince Bartram

3. Phoenix Porsche 956 V12.25k ? 1667 laps
Gary Skipp-LMP

4. Eastcote 2 Lola NC6 P4s 1661 laps
Mad Matt Digby
Matt Brice
5. Pit Stop Juniors Honda NSX NC5 Ninco 1651 laps Ben Steptoe
Steve Windsor
Steve Bartram

6. West London Saleen NC5 P4s 1643 laps
Russell Turner-Nightrider
Mark Abbott
Peter Sanzone

7. Viking Lola NC6 P4s 1637 laps
Keith Fishenden

8. South West Lola NC6 P4s 1600 laps
Nick Picknell
Dave Picknell
Marc Craggs
Merv Palmer
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Roly, Paul C from Pinewood. Dates Available for 2006 in March are 5th and 12th as best bets as hosting a round of the BOC (1/24th Event) First week of April, so Track will need cleaning week previous. Hope this helps, looking Forward to Pinewood being added to the Championship next year.
Round of the London GT and Porsche ? Challenge for 2006 as well.
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Paul, see Pinewood thread for latest on your rounds. 2006 Eastcote 6 hrs will be 8th April, you have an entry.
Round 1 or LGTC and SPC will be West London 19th March. Dates to be confirmed.

Roly add little roboand race t for the event on march 19th what ever it's called. Also if there is space for the 6 HR endurance i will get a team from phoenix and race.

Looking forward to seeing you next year.

Big Robo
QUOTE (250 GTO @ 19 Apr 2005, 20:39)Round one of the London GT endurance series is on Sunday 24th April on the Eastcote clubs 8 lane 103ft Ninco track <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

So if this is the first round, what is the race you're planning for Pinewood on the 5th March? I thought that was London GT endurance too??

Have a great New Year!!
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Hi Carge,
Read the last post, before yours Eastcote round 8th April ours at Pinewood %th March as Planned.

Think you read the first post which was for last year.

See you Monday, happy new year, bud.

Cheers Rollover.
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