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Eastcote Scalex Club re-opens

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Following on from the re-opening of the SSC (Stanboro Scalex Club) on Monday 17th May, the Wednesday night club of

ESC (Eastcote Scalex Club) will 'officially re-open on Wednesday 26th May 2021, when it will be a 'Club Cars' night.

For information on Covid compliance (as dictated by the 'landlords' of the premises) please contact Roland Brooks.

Opening times are unchanged from original info held on the Club.

Anyone not having visited before MUST contact Roland for details on access etc etc.

A new race Calandar is being compiled, and will be available when organised and completed.

At long last...."Happy days are here again" for the members and attendee's of SSC and ESC.
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As (The Crazy one), said please contact Roland before coming to the club, you will n ot get in if you just turn up, we have to protect our club and a quick call is not to hard to let us know you are thinking of coming and we can let you know if there will be to many and then schedule you another evening


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