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Eastlands Park Routed Digital...

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Have been thinking about a routed track for a while now and as the current setup is now starting to become a little boring now seems a good time to start.

The table size I have to play with is 12ftx6ft and it will all be done on a single level,the only thing decided so far as regards to track design is that the pit area will have to be along the back straight and it must be long as I wish to have plenty of garage space.

The cars will only be scalextric and running mag free is a added bonus of going copper tape route as with them throttle control is none existent,so need to find a suitable paint for the tyres to have some sort of grip as they will be kept standard.

The track will be digital and it is my intention to sink the digital track sections into the mdf,including the pb..

I have had a quick look for layouts based on my available track size and drew a blank,so if anyone knows of any on here a link to some pics would be great.
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My advice would be if you are going to drop in powerbase and pit pro ect in the track to separate the powerbase from the track and just insert the track piece as it is nearly impossible to stop mdf and bog dust getting inside the pb i had that problem when inserting mine but have changed to the APB and separated this time so no dust got into my powerbase, i also use a low sheen interior paint and find the grip to be great and alot of my scaley cars drive imo better on my wood track without mags and more enjoyable than the old plastic track, the stock rubber tyre work ok but sometimes work better if you try and soften them with some oil and true them, but i make my own urethanes which provide excellent grip and cost bout $1 per tyre. I was unsure before i went to wood but now i am glad that i did and will never go back to plastic

Cheers John
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Nice work so far! I cant wait to see it all finished!
Looks great Ade. Im looking forward to seeing more progress

Cheers John
Its coming along nicely Ade, can't wait to see some racing on your track.

Cheers John
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