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Eastlands Park Routed Digital...

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Have been thinking about a routed track for a while now and as the current setup is now starting to become a little boring now seems a good time to start.

The table size I have to play with is 12ftx6ft and it will all be done on a single level,the only thing decided so far as regards to track design is that the pit area will have to be along the back straight and it must be long as I wish to have plenty of garage space.

The cars will only be scalextric and running mag free is a added bonus of going copper tape route as with them throttle control is none existent,so need to find a suitable paint for the tyres to have some sort of grip as they will be kept standard.

The track will be digital and it is my intention to sink the digital track sections into the mdf,including the pb..

I have had a quick look for layouts based on my available track size and drew a blank,so if anyone knows of any on here a link to some pics would be great.
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time for a bit of an update.All the routing is now done and the lc sections are fixed into the boards.

The power cables are soldered to the underside of the lane changers and will hopefully be starting the copper taping over the coming weekend.

Also need to make a small plinth for the pb to sit on.

Will post some pic's after the weekend.
some real progress at last,the pb and all the lc sections now have power to them and the first section from pb to first lc is now coppertaped..
a bit back to front but have found these early shots showing parts of the track under construction.
Hi Ade

Nice work what's the flat strip your using as a router guide.
the router fence is made from 3mm pvc edge banding i liberated from somewhere. Fixed 20x20 softwood to the side and then once pushed into place screwed into the board..

Very cheap to make and easy to fix and move,in hindsight i should of made it longer but you live and learn....
Shouldn't be difficult to find the pvc strip then.

Looking great! Can't wait to see the tape all laid and video of your cars flying around it.
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cheers Mr F.

When it came to choose the coppertape it seemed a waste to buy the much more expensive type that has a conducive backing on it as most of the laying is done onto the mdf.

Was also wondering wich way to power the flippers,initially i was planning to power them by a seperate psu but this would of meant adding powertaps in various places,so i chose to take a feed from underneath the pb and then daisychain all the lc sections together.

Then using the coppertape with the non conducive backing running from the pb and upto the first lc section then missing that out and starting again the other side of it,repeated this method all the way round back to the pb.

Now switching back to the coppertape with the conducive backing i used this ontop of the lc sections to link up with the ordinary tape,this now provides powertaps all round the layout with the hassle of having to drill and countersink to sit screws and tape in to get even power.

Pics to follow.....
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Thats a good solution you had there then Ade

It's looking good any more pic showing the whole track ?


bet them's are itching to get a run
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nice work ade, have fun
the slot-it cars are still sealed in there boxes,but hopefully will be on track within a few weeks. I have just recieved some re-flashed scaley chips wich are for these cars.

I will post some more pics once i have recieved the conductive backed coppertape and all the taping is completed.
Nice work so far! I cant wait to see it all finished!
here is a pic i have found of the lc sections.

As i wanted to use a more realistic colour than the black that these come in i thought it best to use a primer first so the paint had something better to key to.

The primer is just off the shelf automotive plastic primer and the top coat has taken to it very well.
more taping completed today,so far 100 yards used and onto the second roll.

The white border wich is seen on most tracks just before the kerb will be done in white adhesive pin stripe,should be available from motor factors..

Anyway here's a few pics of today work...
cpppertaping is now at the 90% finished mark. Conductive tape for lc sections should be here this coming week.
Looks good. Have you done the 9v battery driving to see how smooth the cars run?
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no i had not thought of that one but the cars have been pushed round by hand, played particular attention to the parts where the lc sections are sunk into the mdf.

When i routed them i did one complete lane from start to finish and then made a base for the router with a drill bit sticking out the bottom and used this as a stylus.

I actually used the shank of the bit as the guide and using this method the second lane was completed in a couple of hours, the first one took many times longer but this included drawing the plan in pencil and then setting up the fence before i could start.

All this routing was done in house (literally) and it took about 8hrs of vacuming to get the room clean again.
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pushing a car around should help find places where the guide might get stuck. using a 9v will help find places that the car itself actually has a hard time getting around. From your pics so far, though, I doubt there are any of those. Do you have anything remotely tight as an R1 turn?
no there is nothing as tight as a scaley R1, as it's coppertape and therefore magless and i like to use a couple of pace cars i avoided routing anything that sharp.

The sharpest turn is right before the main start finish straight, this being a clc for pit entry,there is a pic showing it earlier in the thread.

This will mean that a smooth driving style is needed in order to achieve max speed down the straight.

Give it loadsasideways and your going to be slower at the end.
the bad weather today has meant plenty of time to push on so here a few pics of latesr progress.

The powerbase now has a plinth to sit on and all the sensors for the pitlane are now in place and tested.

The lc sections are all filled and sanded where the screws were fitted to secure the pieces into there pockets.

By the end of the weekend all the sections should be filled and sanded and painted,then next week i can order the coppertape with the conductive backing.

So next weekend i should have a running track at long last...
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