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Eastlands Park Routed Digital...

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Have been thinking about a routed track for a while now and as the current setup is now starting to become a little boring now seems a good time to start.

The table size I have to play with is 12ftx6ft and it will all be done on a single level,the only thing decided so far as regards to track design is that the pit area will have to be along the back straight and it must be long as I wish to have plenty of garage space.

The cars will only be scalextric and running mag free is a added bonus of going copper tape route as with them throttle control is none existent,so need to find a suitable paint for the tyres to have some sort of grip as they will be kept standard.

The track will be digital and it is my intention to sink the digital track sections into the mdf,including the pb..

I have had a quick look for layouts based on my available track size and drew a blank,so if anyone knows of any on here a link to some pics would be great.
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Hi Ade,

I see you have a low detail Audi R8 (post #35) ........ give Pendles a ring and order W9626 and you can have working lights in your car. Not only that, they have 20k motors for only £6 ......
They might help you to match your Scaleys to your Slot.Its .......

and, by the way, nice track ...... do you need a number 8 Audi R10 ........ I've got a spare one??
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funny thing greg, Ade may not want one but i do,
Nice work Ade, continue work not racing mate,
here are a few shots of the pitlane,went for a dual one because the future release of ssdc will have a penalty system so there will be more activity in the area.

Did not want to have a car doing a drive through get blocked by one refueling.

Also the pitpro has been seperated from it's track piece and is now housed in a custom stand,well pleased with how this came out and is waiting to have some decals applied..
I see you reconfigured the lap tower/pit lane display again, right? It is now vertical instead of horizontal as on your last track.

Looks great!
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Ade - the Audi went out this morning and was last seen sitting on the PO counter ............
nice one Gregk, looking forward to seeing what the postie brings.

sealevel, i think you have me mixed up with someone else, the pitpro unit was left alone on it's factory base on the last layout.

This time it has been sperated from it's base and had a custom acrilyic stand made,there is approx 3ft of trailing lead from the track section.

All wiring and seperation mods including apb were done by RichG and are first class.

when i get a bit more time i will show a few closeups of the housing.
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Look good Ade

Now don't be shy with that camera now

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camera is not as good as it was, new phone has 8mp vs old one wich was 5mp..

So every photo you take you have to spend time editing it,will have to dig the old one out..
vorsprung durch technic, Heir Kilkenny..
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Looking nice. I got a question tho! I saw that you have moved out the APB from the track. How did you solve this? I very much like to do the same myself and get the powerbase a bit away from the track, but still keeping the sensors and all working. But I still haven´t dared to take the darn thing apart.
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Yo Ade ...... four sprung dwarf technique ......... google it
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a bit more progress over the weekend,all the lc sections are now filled and sanded and painted,also took the oppurtunity to paint the whole board track colour so the mdf is now sealed and i can run the white edging round without having to touch up the grey at a later date..

Have also started to prep the armco barriers to accept the pop rivets,quite easy to do these as it just requires a 2mm drill bit and a stash of handy rivets.

These can then be placed at various distances from the track to add realism as the standad scaley borders and barriers look to repetetive being the same distance from the track....
coming along nicely now ....... how long before you run your first laps in anger??
first race booked for last weekend of this month,one more good days work will have it running full laps in both lanes.

Still have some work to do on the cars,removing magnets and maybe fitting some eurethane tyres, need to find where the grip levels are at first though..

Looking forward to pressing the start button for the first race,it's been a long time coming...
Ade just go for silicons straight off
Ade ...... any more to report yet??
well after much testing before i finished painting and copper taping to ensure it was all working ok it suddenly played up once the track was finished..

First off one xlc ceased to work at all and one of the others developed a lame flipper,also pit in and out sensers proved un-reliable+ wireless throttle played up but this turned out to be my new pc wich has next gen bluetooth built in. Using a dongle has got this working beautifully again...

I managed to fix the lame flipper in situ with the help of a large flat blade screwdriver,sounds brutal but is now good as new..

The one wich ceased to work at all turned out to be a wire wich supplys the flippers with power coming de-soldered,why it should do this after approx 3yrs service i dont know but have invested in a brand new one wich will be fixed in place tomorrow...

The pit sensers turned out to be the coppertape not making a good enough contact,this is the type with conductive backing and just needed pressing down on the rails a little firmer...

So a few teething problems but now pressing forward again and in the week have made a start on siteing the armco barriers using the pop rivet method,pics to follow....
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not verry soon by the sounds of it, your having to much fun to think about us?
had all day today to get this working 100%. So first off was to solder up and install new xlc and there were two parts of the track i was unhappy with,my bad routing so it was out with the 2 pack and the router to get it right...

Both sections i am now happy with so re-taped the sections,just need to order another roll as i ran out with one section to complete.

So now have 1 lane taped and 100% happy and ran 200 laps on it with the wireless throttle as well. It runs very smooth...

Tape will be ordered monday so tomorrow will get the armco barriers finished up and start masking up for the kerbs etc...
here is a pic showing the armco in place,i have also started to mask up for the white line wich will be either side of the track..

Will be putting in some hours over the coming week as it has taken a huge step forward over the last couple of weekends...
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