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I have just been watching a sale on ebay and cannot justify this one i like slot cars but think this one is a bit to far Team Slot Audi Sport Quattro S1 71701 Hens teeth rare resin slot car. brand new sold for £96.00 + £8.00 postage i suppose there are some people out there that do and would go to the outer limits to get a rare one but to me cars a there to be used many years ago i had a friend in to model railways he used to buy wrenn locomotive's in pairs one to play with and one to put away for a rainy day 6 years ago he sadly passed away suddenly his wife was not sure what to do with his collection until a freind of her husbands told her the story of his collection the mint collection sold at auction for £27.000 and the used one's went for £13.000 that was using his head
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Thats an easy one, it's becourse of the MK1 Escort in the front row, you just can't find them with the spot lights fixed on the bonnet like that any more.

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