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QUOTE (SAMPSON @ 25 May 2012, 22:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Its a shame this goes on while millions suffer from what this class does.
I think this excess wealth is immoral while others work every day of their lives 8-10 hours a day receiving barley a living wage.

So what does "this class" do that causes such harm? They spend their vast wealth on services and products and their money finds its way into our pockets. The average standard of living now is many times better than it was a few generations ago, even for the poorest, so your only real gripe is that they have more than you and you think the differential isn't fair. What do you suggest is a fair amount? Twice your annual wage? Four times? Twenty?

There are millions elsewhere in the world who could look at you, with your home and computer and internet connection and time to waste enjoying slot cars, all affordable on "barely a living wage", and could quite easily hate you too for being wasteful and enjoying "excess wealth". They don't, though. Instead they work hard and aspire to better things, to be like you or, heaven forbid, perhaps even wealthier. A few might even subsequently benefit from inherited wealth, but so what. How does that harm you?

And if you think that the average worker working just 8-10 hours a day works harder than your average billionaire, you're living in a dream world. Read a few biographies or study the lives of the wealth creators (minus the envy and class hatred) and you might just surprise yourself.

Anyway, sorry, but my blood boils when I see this type of hatred of those who have plenty by people who also have plenty.
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