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Edo's track!

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On the way back from Verbano I was invited to meet Edo at his track - how could I refuse a chance to run some slot cars when all I had done was stare at 32 of them for 24 hours!

Firstly - Edo you are a gent! it was good to meet you and try out that track.

For someone who has been out of the hobby for a fair amount of time and only recently back into it with his partner in crime (his nephew), Edo has set up an amazing track with top notch power and control, on top of an impressive collection that is growing fast..

The track is 4 lane Carrera, sitting at around 17 Metres..

The hay bales are made by his brothers wife and of real hay!

Pretty comprehensive power...

A colleague made the control terminal to order...

A couple of the nicer of the cars and a pleasure to run..

Edo's Maranello is produced by Maxslot in Italy, built with a Marlboro style livery and is an original Topslot 550 on a Slot.It chassis with with Bigslot and NSR running gear. The other is my test model of the new Dapretto offering..

There wasn't actually much between them performance wise, with Slot.Its new P3 compound rubber giving slightly more grip.
Testing was cut dramatically short when a late braking manoevre by Edo nearly resulted in an airborne Marlboro Ferrari as it deslotted and hit the top barriers of the banking. they held - just! - and the car was Ok, unlike my heart rate
and it wasn't even my car so I can't imagine what Edo felt for that split second!

Funnily enough we changed car types after that and discussed the pros of incorrectly used mosquito netting

Once again - thank you Edo and you have to let me (and thomas I hear! who visited the previous thursday) repay the hospitality by coming to the NASCAR series in the middle of next month...
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Hi Swiss
it was a real pleasure to meet you (and Thomas a few days before): you are really passionate and I learned quite a few things in the little time we spent toghether.
As I suspected I noticed that I am not ready to race you guys yet: you drive like the seasoned racers that you are while I get all emotional and deslot quite easily under pressure.
But I am getting 2 Scalex Nascar for the race in Egg and I might come with my friend who did the electricals (BTW he is preparing a special "turbo"controller-based on a Carrera shell- and since he is an electronic engineer he might come up with a very secret "verboten" weapon
Please guys let me know the details of the Egg race on time and in english

Thanks again for coming by and for the tune up suggestions.
Best regards
Happy Birthday Thomas!
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