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EJ's Coronet

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Hows everybody doin over there? This is a mod I came up with , I dont know if any body tried this one but it worked well. I took a pair of slotit busings and machined 1 flange off on a lathe to fit in the rear holes of the chassis. It just didnt look right with the 6mm tires under this kit, I wanted some wide meats in there.
For the front a pair of Scaly plastic bushings worked with 1 flange sanded off , they popped right in, then I installed Slotit running gear front and rear.
What do ya think?

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Thanks for the compliment Tropi, I just got the digital cam and still learning how to use it, but they did come out good Ill have to admit.

Heres a link to get all the adjustable chassis you can shake a stick but you probably already know about EJ's.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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