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EJ's Roadster project and Update

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Nice Site Guys!!!!! Thought maybe I could add something I enjoy doing kit bashing and Scratch Building

EJ's hobby has a New Indy Roadster kit out that I just got. They look nice but I like a bit better performance and a few others things. But they are a great kit for $40.00 for most folks. I can never leave well enough alone.
Here is a picture of EJ's roadster from his site.

Here is what I am starting to do to mine.
First I don't like 1/8 inch axles and especially threaded ones. So they will have to go. I also wanted to convert it to a front engined car as per original. So the rear motor bracket got cut off and soldered back on up front offset to the left for oval handling. Then a new drive shaft bearing plate was installed offset to the left to match the other. Besides better handling I will now be able to get much more of a full driver figure in the car.

New wheels and bearings are made up with inserts. Slot-It gears are installed and a new TSRF guide shoe installed for more braid surface and a better guide set up. More to come as I get there.

Have a couple more photos of the Ej's roadster and the body work

Have added a few things and changed a few others. I did not like the gold interior as shown it looks a bit Gaudy. So I took builder's liberty with it.

I did add rear trailing links and the steering arm on the right front side. As well as the rear nerf bar. Only thing missing in my kit was the outside Oil tank. May make one up from sheet stock.

I also used larger wheel inserts from a Ninco Cobra till I get the larger size Halibrands I need for the Slot-It wheels

The furnished windscreen was a bit thick and distorted the view of old Jim a bit. I made one up a piece of preshaped Lexan cut to fit. Looks bit clearer.

The body is airbrush painted with Parma FasKolors from the inside. Colors used were plain black and pearlized gold. Those matched up well with the decals. With some minor touch ups it will be clear coated on the outside with Future floor wax from a airbrush.

Then in front I added a section of 3/32nd dia. aluminum tube to represent the electric starter access pipe to the front of the engine. Now for some track tests with the car on a routed track like in Vegas Rocky. That offset motor will help in most corners on that nice King there.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE #2 --------------------------------------------------------
Have almost finished-(never) Still waiting for some wheels, Halibrand inserts and some Ortmann tires to narrow the track a bit. Re-did some of the trim paint to one of (6) versions of the Simonize roadster that I found on the web. One even had a high wing similar to an outlaw sprint car mounted on it. Old Smokey Yunick was always trying something different. My kind of guy. Oh yes the track test at our 130 ft. commercial track with some added weight and the Ninco tires proved that it runs very well. Pleased with that phaze.

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