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Eldon Drag Set,1965

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Here's a set I've been wanting to put on for a while. It's a 1/24th scale drag set made by Eldon in 1965. Thos was really a great set that came with all you needed to drag race. The track when set up was 17-1/2 feet long. Im not sure but that may have been a quarter mile.

At the front of the track you have the transformer with 2 controllers which are on-off only. Then you have synchromatic start system with an automatic race & reset push button control. Next is a very cool christmas tree with starting lights tjat flash from yellow to green & then to red. At the end of the 17-1/2 feet of track you have an automatic finish line win selector with a built-in arrow which points to the winner,

At the very end of the track are 2 tunnels with foam shock absorbers to cushion the 2 dragsters so there is no damage. The 2 AA/fuel class dragsters have weighted drop arms so they do wheelies when they take off. They can reach up to a scale 200 mph. The set also comes with a hop-up kit (braids, slicks, sandpaper,etc). It was the best drag set made,you only needed the room to set it up.


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Nice set! You need about 3x that amount of track to get a scale 1/4 mile
... it was also pretty much the only complete drag racing slot car set, at least in 1/24! There were few real drag sets in general, the only other one I can think of offhand is the Republic set in slightly under 1/32 scale (any chance of a comparison photo Bernard), using Detroit sedans.

The Eldon sets are not that rare, but they're not always easy to find a complete set (or unmolested car), and the value is holding steady or going up!

As Riko says, it's about one-third of a 1/24 scale quarter mile. Or maybe that was as much track as Eldon could fit in the selected box!

Unfortunately, regular Eldon track is one of the worst for a drag strip because the straight sections were so short. Still, it looks very nice set up like that Bernard, thanks for sharing!

Did SCX (or Scalextric as they are in Spain) ever do a set to go with the two dragster cars they made?

And I guess this one is the only one with real "Top Fuel" cars..... Oh my giddy aunt, I just realised they can actually wheelie! Brilliant!
If my calculations are correct a 1/24th scale 1/4 mile is 55 ft. long. I recall setting up the Eldon dragstrip with something like 50 ft. of track, using some of the extra long (1 ft.) straights, several years ago. The real problem was that one lane has the rails overlapping in the direction of travel and the other lane has the rails overlapping against the direction of travel meaning that that car's braids are hitting the edge of the rail ,slowing it down.
When new, from the factory, the "slow down tunnel" was fitted with a " J cloth" which was biege in colour (I still have it). This cloth flew out of the tunnel on impact and kept the cars from getting broken. At the time we set it up, the fastest car was a Strombecker 1/32 Lotus 30 with a TC32 motor in a brass chassis, original tires.
There was another drag strip set I have seen, not exactly electric slot racing but used clockwork spring motors in a slot track, made by Hubley.
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Just remembered how the christmas tree lights worked. First the yellow lights would light up, starting at the top , then middle , then lower, then the green, however, if you started before the green came on , you would get "red lighted" instead and be disqualified. There is a key winder to power the clockwork mechanism that powers the timer coundown .
Hi heres the Republic drag set from 1968 as requested. It has a Plymouth GTX and a Plymouth Road Runner.You use the shift stick to control the speed. I also included pictures of the 2 1/24th scale Hubley dragsters with their correct slot chassis. Finally i could not resist showing 2 photos of the Auto Stop set from Italy made around 1952.
Thanks,Bernard (its sort of a drag strip)
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Aurora made an HO scale drag strip. You got straight track, two Hot Rods, and a power supply. Sorry I don't have any pics.

Marysville, OH
That Republic set looks like fun! Great shots of the Hubleys, love to get more info on the motor conversion. If I recall the instructions I saw , it said basically remove the clockwork mechanism and improvise an electric motor installation but these look factory made. Is there any more info on that?
What great artwork on the Republic box lid. Those Hubleys look fantastic, not seen those before.

Luton SCC
Here's some more info on the Hubley cars, for an introductory article in Model Car Science magazine. I've never seen the instructions, so not sure what they say about the conversion. Hubley also offered a chassis directly for motor installation, so I assume their wind-up cars didn't sell all that well. And I've only seen the set once or twice on ebay - not an easy one to find! I don't think it had a track, just the two cars and a gizmo to wind them up - maybe a piece of string or something as a track. Can anybody check that?

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Hopefully you will be able to see the instruction sheet

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