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great coverage leo

was a very good idea to run all cars against the same pace car , the visual representation of the different timings really worked

well-done Joshua #55 ( my driver needs to go on a diet )

looking forward to your other tracks , especially your 'all weather' Ninco

do you plan running that one under your lights in the evening ?


*** Leo A Capaldi ***
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I ran the 2nd event in the EV Triathlon yesterday (Friday). Weather was good so running outside held no concerns.
The layout is all Carrera track - the stainless steel rails survive all weathers.

The sprint circuit flows nicely and includes a long downhill back-straight where the vehicles can show their pace. The main sections are fairly 'technical' and vehicles need decent traction to go well. The heavier vehicles worked well, being able to power out of the curves whereas the lighter vehicles half-spun and/or de-slotted when the guide reached the end of its travel.

Videos for each vehicle are linked below. The camera covers the top loop of the layout.

Final results will have to wait until the 3rd discipline as I perhaps complicated the distribution of awards whilst trying to avoid the situation where one vehicle takes overall award and all the individual ones as well. (Reference the awards note in the regs)


Sprint Circuit Results:
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YouTube Video Links:












41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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