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Maltese, take a look at the size of silicon wire supplied by various people (Slot.It, NSR, PM etc etc) for use in slotcars as replacements for the factory standards.
This should give you an idea of gauge required.
Ideally wires used between transformer and track/track and controllers, should be at least one gauge higher, but for sure not smaller than those used in your controllers.
Most standard wiring systems for tracks (Ninco /Scalextric/Carrera) use wire that is far too thin and once an upgrade transformer or power supply is used - as has been stated - they quickly fail (usually at the solder points - especially Ninco and Scalextric).

I also agree with Nep72, that XLR conections are about the most failsafe and useful connectors you can get. Adaptors for almost every other system in use in the slot world are easy to purchase or make.

For more info on wiring tracks, controllers and cars, have a browse around Professor motors front page - it has an excellent collection of resources.
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