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QUOTE (Nep72 @ 29 Jun 2004, 22:22)How do you say... "ne pas problem".

XLR schema is: female, connection side; male, solder side.
Transformador is transformer
Pista is track
Mando (Controller):
Resistencia -> resistor
Máximo -> maximum
Freno -> brake
Cursor... ehem... ;-)
thanks a lot!!!

in fact we says :
"No problemo... hasta la vista baby" (reference : Terminator!)
"no probleme" (incorect french...)
and the gramaticaly correct one :
"pas de probleme" (in french speaking... not in literature!)

Thanks a lot for your translation too !

what is alrededor? mass?


i'll make the topics on my site and i'll give you the url
as soon as i can!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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