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Elevation limits??

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I'm working on a track, for a newly rebuilt basement. It will be 100% sport track, 2 will be a permanant setup, fully landscaped. I'm wondering if there are any limits to the elevation changes?? What would be the maximum Rise/Run rates?? the space is baisicly an L shape, 20 feet X 12 feet on the long sides, and 5.5 feet wide...I'm thinking that I would like an elevation change of 2-3 feet over the length of the track (from lowest point to highest) Ideally I would like the finished product to look like it was cut out of the side of a mountain, as I have decided to call it "The Granite Ridge Circuit"

I've seen many pics of landscaped and "elevated" tracks, but it always seems as though it is just a few inches of elevation....I'm wondering if there is a reason behind this?? is the flexibility of the track a limiting factor?? Any input is appreciated
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Tropi, thanks for the info

we're still the process of moving into this new place, and the wife demands that "her" rooms (kitchen, bedroom, and master bathroom) get first dibs on the renovation room (the whole basement) is in need of some major reno's. Currently my slot car space, is broken up by a partition wall, and a chincy fireplace...I'm trying to sneak some work into opening up this space, because it's going on a number of months now, that I have been slot-less
I've built the table's (minus legs) and they are stacked up ready to go, I just nead to knock down a wall, and tear out a fireplace....

I'm a frequent visitor to the Archer website, and I havn't ruled out routing. I would want to setup up an initial test track in plastic, to try the layout, and get a better idea of sight lines and scenery limitations.........I am however still a speed any routed option would have to be done with braid, I love my magnuts
I've been having a very heated internal debate over nearly overwheling impatience tells me that the quickest, easiest way is plastic, I can have the course up and running in an evening. But I recognize that by routing, not only can I do pretty much anything I can dream up, but it fits better, with my vision of creating something truely spectacular. I've found (with sport track) that no matter how small the elevation change, the joint between the last level track, and the first elevated track, always has a minor "kink" to seems even more pronounced going from level to a downhill slope.....I think this could be eliminated by going the routed way, creating a more realistic look, to the racing surface.... seems the more I verbalize it, the more apparent that the right choice is going to be routed....
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