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Elevation limits??

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I'm working on a track, for a newly rebuilt basement. It will be 100% sport track, 2 will be a permanant setup, fully landscaped. I'm wondering if there are any limits to the elevation changes?? What would be the maximum Rise/Run rates?? the space is baisicly an L shape, 20 feet X 12 feet on the long sides, and 5.5 feet wide...I'm thinking that I would like an elevation change of 2-3 feet over the length of the track (from lowest point to highest) Ideally I would like the finished product to look like it was cut out of the side of a mountain, as I have decided to call it "The Granite Ridge Circuit"

I've seen many pics of landscaped and "elevated" tracks, but it always seems as though it is just a few inches of elevation....I'm wondering if there is a reason behind this?? is the flexibility of the track a limiting factor?? Any input is appreciated
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This question inevitably brought to mind Archer Raceway, Vancouver.
Here is their Space Saver Track in just 8' x 2' - incredible!
Space Saver
I can't recall the total elevation change, but it looks to be a little less than a foot, by eye.
OK, its routed, but the elevation looks do-able in plastic, enough so that I think there would be no problem in producing 2' to 3' elevations in the space you have available. The need is to make the actual transition stages long enough not to produce bad vertical kinks in the steel rails, as opposed to gentler vertical bends, which they can handle just fine. It's a while since I had access to a track with bridges, but I seem to recall that it's possible to produce a reasonably smooth transition from level back and back to level again, over a 3 inch total elevation, in the space of three track sections. That makes each transition happen inside around a foot and a half, so I think, with 20 feet and 12 feet straight lengths available, you will have no problems at all. There's nothing inherently wrong with the transitions running on curves either, if necessary.

BTW, I thoroughly recommend a really good look around ALL of the several superb tracks shown on Old Slot Racer's site (Archer). They are a revelation and might well convert you to thoughts of routing!
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QUOTE Good luck and keep us posted.
I second that!
This could be a very nice project to document, with pics and we would really love to see them. Even the early thought processes, changes of mind etc, in advance of actual work, are always fascinating and can be amazingly helpful to anyone contemplating something similar.
I like the way you are thinking already - keep it coming!
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