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Eleven again ........

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hello friends
here is my vision of Innes Ireland's Lotus at Charade in July 1958
The car is based on the MMK model. I need to fix the front lights covers and it will ok at my sense .
Hope you'll enjoy it .

best regards .

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excellent model and photos.

Was it really that bright a colour?

most of the time I prefer black-White pictures but with this one the upper picture is so good looking. Very nice car, excellent finish as ever.
about the colour .......
after looking at many pics of Ireland's cars , most of them were light " water" green ....( like on the Fly's Ferrari 250 GTO for example)
I do not use an aerograph and it's not so easy to find the right shade of green , and colour pictures are very rare .
There was an excellent reference of this particular green that's is not available anymore in cars paint bombs ( for Citroen....2CV !!! )
so I've try to find the most approaching shade in the stores around me....
I think the green was more light on this Lotus but ....Sorry for this , it'll be better when I'll use my aerograph ....
....and my pics are pretty bad....the colour is much lighter than on the photos .
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Excellent work!
Fantastic work Bigblock! It's always nice to see pictures of your latest project. Excellent paintwork as well - the finish and detailed weathering are superb.

Thanks for sharing,
Very cool car....I can understand the colour issues and trying to recreate them after having similar challenges with an Aston DBR1

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, your work is always amazing. What a fantastic model though, I love the eleven and you have got the stance and everything so right!! Thanks for the great photos. Now, if I could find this model for sale, at a reasonable price, I would try to emulate your lead.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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