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Hi all.

Been haning around here for quite some time now, just watching this forum.
But I gotta share this with you .

Since ther was no real action at our club(mostly junior activity), I started to make up plans for a "city-contest".
2 races at each track and then you would have a champion....
But since the other clubs had so much racing already, it all went down the drain.

So I decided to make my own series: EMSAC Trophy.
A GT-series concisting of 6 races and you count the 5 best.
Almost no mods allowed from original car;
Max 21500 rpm and only change motor within the same make.
Change axles, crownwheel, pinion ,tires and wheel (only use aftermarket or standard. Nothing homemade)

1:st race was not what I expected...only 8 contenders, but we had a whole lot of fun.
So, naturally, I gave som "constructive criticism"
over the Internet and the Swedish Slotforum.

2:nd race was a complete hit!!! 19 people
showed up for a days racing. The longest away had over 300km's to drive oneway.
The racing was fast and had a lot of surprises before the day was over.

This is the track; The Black Prince.

Technical control and scruteneering (the car wasn't allowed to have so much magnet, that it would hang upsidedown)


The TVR 400R gets its tires cleaned up.

The four Finalists with the Marcos as the Winner at the end

Will post pics from race 2 in next thread

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2:nd race:

Lots of people and lots!!! of stuff

Just before the race started, one of the connections for the controls broke. Luckily we had a few spares with us

As you can see, the place was crouded. No problems with marshalling

Some well needed service to the FLY Lister Storm.

Line up for the last final. there was 4 FLY and 1 ProSlot batteling it out for the victory this time.

All the cars competing this time.
Quite a good collection, isn't it??

Tom C, Sweden
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