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End of an era.

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Last night saw the end of an era as we held our last races on the old track.
& I`m sure everyone will agree it went out with style with 24 racers in.
The old track won`t die, it`s going south to Smoggie land to reside in Cheating Smoggie Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamies garage.

It was nice to see Dave "Bubbles" Glasses & Clippy Matt return to the club.

A big thank-you to Mark who donated a lovely Maserati 250f to NERCS. We sold the car immediately to Poison Dwarf Chris for £28.
This money will go straight to Dave Wisdom who will be buying in accessories for the Flat Cap Series to give out to the kids.

The boards went into the factory for CNC routing on Tuesday.
We will get them back today.
Ron will then prep them up ready for taping & wiring over the bank holiday are free to pop down & help then if you wish...more details will follow.
The main sub-frame & stand are now complete.

THANK-YOU to every member of NERCS. Everytime you`ve paid to race or bought a raffle ticket you have helped pay for the expensive new build. The new track really does belong to every single one of you.
P.S. Results to follow later.
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