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Thursday the 27th saw an extra race night as our old friend and slot racer Olivier was in town for a few days (Olivier is an ex-pat Frenchman who was in Dublin for a few years and since December 2010 is now working in Portugal and is much missed by our group!). There was a great turnout on the night with Olivier, Ed, Dave, John, Paul, George, Bryan, Stephen and Ronan.

We decided to try a different race format (Ed's suggestion) and had an hour of endurance racing, split into four 15 min heats. Ronan supplied four evenly matched Ninco GT cars and four teams of two were selected out of a hat (Bryan volunteered to be the chief marshal for the night).

"Chief Marshal Bryan!"

The teams were:

George and Paul

Ronan and Stephen

Dave and Ed

John and Olivier

Each team raced for 15mins on each lane and the cars stayed on the lane (Porsche 997 Forum Gelb on yellow, Ford GT on red, Porsche 997 Gulf on blue and Lamborghini Gallardo on silver)

The first heat had George on yellow, Ronan on red, Olivier on blue and Dave on silver.

After 15mins the score was:

1st Ronan (red) 198 laps

=2nd Dave and George (silver and yellow) 188 laps

4th Olivier (blue) 180 laps

The 2nd heat had Ed on yellow, Paul on red, Stephen on blue and John on silver.

After 15mins the score was:

1st Ed (yellow) 203 laps

2nd Stephen (blue) 183 laps

3rd Paul (red) 172 laps

4th John (silver) 151 laps

Heat number 3 had Olivier on yellow, Dave on red, George on blue and Ronan on silver.

After 15mins the score was:

1st Olivier (yellow) 202 laps

2nd George (blue) 190 laps

3rd Dave (red) 189 laps

4th Ronan (silver) 188 laps

The fourth and final heat had Stephen on yellow, John on red, Ed on blue and Paul on silver.

After 15mins the result was:

1st Stephen (yellow) 206 laps

2nd Ed (blue) 193 laps

3rd George (silver) 176 laps

4th John (red) 158 laps

When all the laps were added up the final scores were:

Winners Ronan and Stephen with 775 laps

2nd Dave and Ed with 773 laps

3rd Paul and George with 726 laps

4th John and Olivier with 691 laps

The cars had hot motors but were otherwise in good shape after their hour of racing (at most they would usually see 40 laps of racing per race night, so they had a good run!). The only casualty was the Fords rear wing which came off at some stage.

So another great race night and it was fantastic to have Olivier racing with us again even if it was for just one night. Hopefully he will eventually get back to Dublin again for work and end up racing with us on a regular basis again. Also the endurance format was a great success and was enjoyed by all, so it looks like we will try it again at some stage perhaps with different cars (plenty of classes to choose from, Fly Trucks, slot.its, Scalextric GTs and so on).


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Thanks Martyn! I have to say it was one of the best race nights we have ever had (and yes, myself and Stephen were delighted to win!).

Glad you are happy with the 906!

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