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engine problems

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I have a Scalextric Renault F1 digital, the engine has stopped working! The car is a few months old and not driven so much. Do not know how I will solve it? the wheels spin freely and everything lookes nice? it sounded a little weird before it stopped working. How much does a new engine cost? Make suggestions, please!
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How did you get an engine small enough? And I'm surprised the power of an engine didn't just break the rest of the car.
But if you stuck with a motor like the rest of us it might be worth checking the connections to make sure one of the wires hasn't just come off.
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(Double post so I might as well make use of it)
Or it could be connections on the track its self, are the controllers plugged in right? Is the car on the same ID as the controller? The simplest of things can make the biggest of problems so check the track and car over well to make sure nothing's wrong.
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How old is it, it might be a better option to take it back to the store if it isn't too old, just get them to replace it for you.

Oh, you're welcome by the way.
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