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engine problems

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I have a Scalextric Renault F1 digital, the engine has stopped working! The car is a few months old and not driven so much. Do not know how I will solve it? the wheels spin freely and everything lookes nice? it sounded a little weird before it stopped working. How much does a new engine cost? Make suggestions, please!
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QUOTE (SSD slotguy @ 22 Jun 2011, 21:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>How did you get an engine small enough? And I'm surprised the power of an engine didn't just break the rest of the car.
But if you stuck with a motor like the rest of us it might be worth checking the connections to make sure one of the wires hasn't just come off.

You'd be surprised what I can do;-) Great to laugh like that! Thank you.

Sit here and try to sort out my exam before the summer holidays, my thoughts are not on my job if I say so;-)

Must try to run wires from a battery to the electric motor :), have tested so that it is the right ID.

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Unfortunately it seems that the electric motor has given up, it seems that something is loose in the motor, it rattles when you shake it. Have found the ID number w9049 and should just find a good place to order from :-( p.o.s
Bought it in February 2011, at Jadlam racing. Will contact them and see what they say about it.
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