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Here's something I've been pondering on (no not the toilet!). In a thread regarding Aussie V8 supercars someone mentioned you can 't beat the sound of a V8. I wholeheartedly agree (unless it's a howling V12).

Now, whilst some of our little cars can give out a satisfying whine from smoothly meshing gears and balanced motor, we don't have a more guttural aural (I said AURAL!) satisfaction.

I wonder, given todays technology and gadgets etc. can we not have some way of relating the sound of blood-curdling race engines link to our little cars? I'm thinking along the lines of how it's done in video games - the sound is linked to throttle position. Not only that, but have the engine note go up and down the gearbox and remain steady depending on what you're doing with the car on the track.

No doubt this may be ridiculed and I think it's somewhat of a pipe-dream myself, but seeing as plenty of slot jockeys go to the trouble of building layouts with full and interesting scenery, the "proper" engine sounds may add that extra little bit.

Just think, another rotary control on your throttle with positions marked V8, V10, V12, Street, Race, Misfire, Dropped Valve.... oh the possibilities

Opinions please as always.

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Actually, the electric motors of Fly cars are designed to give accurate scale sounds of the engines they represent. If you scale up the soundwaves by a factor of 32, u get the gutteral sound of V8s, V12s etc as appropriate
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Just remembered something from the toy fair on a related subject.

The konami r-c (and now r-c slot) cars had stereo speakers set up, and these were producing engine noises based on the throttle given to each of the cars. The speakers were not the loudest and in a crowded fair, so its hard to judge how good or effective this method was. Generally, in this environment, I wasn't impressed with the sound coming from somewhere other than the cars themselves, took a while to even realise it was linked to the cars throttles.
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