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Eric's Neverending Story

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So.. Been busy for years in a big storage, but had to break all down, due friends kinda grow up too.. ahum.
But couldn't afford it anymore.
All the Scalextric Classic tracks (12 crates full and SCX boxes) I had collected were finally sold.

So after that I've pumped the attic full, redesigned layout after layout etc..
But.. Now my wifey wants a bedroom on the attic.. so all those boxed and whatever are now stored there..
So I needed to clean up a bit.
Also broke down the complete layout and when I've got some time.. Working on something new..
But.. this time, I'm doing something else.
Got myself a lot of 120x60 MDF plates, and few weeks ago ordered my first things from Magnetic Racing.

So I'm started to create a pitlane.

Then added some track..

Meanwhile still building more kits, cleaning track and redo some paint.
(Have much more kits 馃檭)

Yesterday I took some time to try something on our precious dinner table. (Wifey was gone 馃槄)
And started to work something out.

This evening I've finished another Kit.

And piece by piece we're getting there and no hurry 馃槉
Meanwhile looking for a bigger space to restart and have fun.

Greetings Eric


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The pitwall looks really nice....why is your track looking so rough? is it painted?
TO be honest with you, if manage to get rid of old scalex classic track is only for the best.
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Yeah it's painted... And sold all Classic shizzle
Eric van marktplaats :) good to see you here. Nice pitwall! The s-curve looks good too.
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Yes.. That's me.. And indeed. Gettin' there slowly.. Good things take some time.

But if you need anything, you know where to find me 馃槄
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This is going to be a realllyyyy big track when it is finished.
What is the trackplan?
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Mix of Monza, Suzuka, Zandvoort and Free hand 馃槉
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